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The 5 Best Places for Jewellery in Glasgow Homepage

The 5 Best Places for Jewellery in Glasgow

How we picked


We chose jewellers that had offered a variety of options, from necklaces to brooches from different makers and collections.

Special services

To make each visit worthwhile, we selected jewellers that offered special services such as cleaning, resetting, and resizing.


We reviewed their credentials to see if they possess the necessary accreditations and paperwork to prove that their gems are authentic.


Buying jewellery is a priceless experience. Hence, we chose jewellers that provided memorable extras, paid or not, that made the entire affair seamless.

1. Bejouled

Bejouled Homepage

Services: Wedding rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, children’s jewellery, and more


Address: 85 Deanston Dr, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 3AL, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 10:30 AM – 5 PM
Google Reviews4.9/5 
Total reviews4.7/5 
Score consistency4.8/5 
Special services5/5


  • Jeweller has 25 years of industry experience 
  • Provides clients with a one-to-one approach
  • Free consultation available
  • Free wax model of bespoke piece
  • Offer lab-grown gems
  • Offers several add-on services
  • Shipping is available (UK and international)


  • Minor complaints that customers were seen late
  • Quite a small team

With over 25 years of experience in the jewellery industry, particularly in manufacturing and design, Darren White established Bejouled. 

As a leading influencer and well-respected jeweller, White is incredibly popular amongst Glasgow locals and visitors because of his one-to-one approach.

From our point of view, this allows him to give each client undivided attention and a memorable experience shopping for their jewellery or creating a bespoke piece.

Having said that, we highly encourage you to avail of their free consultation, especially if you want to create a unique item. 

They’ll present a collection of images and designs along with advice to help you bring your idea to life.

On top of that, they’ll even create a wax model of your item to ensure that the fit and design are exactly how the client wants it. Did we mention that this is free of charge?

In our opinion, this is a well-appreciated “extra” to confirm everything before the item is made with the client’s metal of choice.

As for their diamonds, it’s worth highlighting that they offer lab-grown gems. In our opinion, this is great for those looking for a cheaper and more ethically sustainable alternative to traditionally harvested diamonds.

We were also happy to see they provide several additional services such as cleanings, valuations, and polishing. This is an added convenience as you won’t have to go elsewhere for these services.

Another handy feature is that they offer shipping within the UK for a small fee of £3.95. To boot, they also provide international delivery by request.

But here’s the hitch: we’ve encountered a few complaints that customers were seen late. Nevertheless, we appreciate that the owner sincerely apologised and remedied these mishaps. 

We also think it’s important to note that they have quite a small team which may affect their turnover period. Even so, we believe a little wait is worth it given their high-quality jewellery.

2. Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

2. Helen Swan Designer Jewellery Homepage

Services: Bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, kilt pins, gold ball markers, cufflinks, and more


Address: 3 Manor Rd, Glasgow G14 9LG, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours

  • Daily: 9 AM – 9 PM
Google Reviews5/5 
Nice Local5/5 
Total reviews4.8/5 
Score consistency5/5 
Special services4.9/5


  • Jeweller has 30 years of industry experience
  • Only uses ethically sourced materials
  • Their suppliers undergo regular audits
  • Packaging is made from recyclable material
  • All jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • All jewellery is made by hand
  • Offers jewelery making workshops
  • Open daily and until late


  • Pieces are made in limited batches
  • Relatively small team

Helen Swan opened her jewellery store with over 30 years of industry experience up her sleeve. It’s her dedication to sustainability that sets Helen Swan Designer Jewellery apart from its competitors. 

Specifically, Swan only uses ethically sourced materials such as Eco Silver, Fairtrade Gold, and stones from the Kimberley Process. 

On top of that, her suppliers undergo regular audits to ensure they maintain Swan’s ethical standards as far as their gems and employees are concerned.

Apart from her pieces, even her packaging is made from recyclable material. So, clients won’t have to worry too much about their environmental footprint. 

From our point of view, these show how much thought Swan has taken into ensuring that her shop is ethically sustainable.

We were also impressed to find that each piece of jewellery is hand-made. Aside from reducing waste and carbon footprint, we also think this shows how much thought and time is put into each item.

However, this means that they can only produce small batches, resulting in longer turnaround times. So, we encourage you to set an appointment early to account for this. 

You can easily book a free consultation online via their website or phone. Swan will help you concretise your ideas by sketching your initial idea and showing you stones and pieces from her store.

As for aftercare, we think it’s worth mentioning that all Swan’s pieces come with a lifetime guarantee. So, if anything needs repair work done, it’ll be taken care of for free.

Swan will also share her tips and tricks to properly care for your pieces. In fact, she even hosts workshops if you’re interested in trying your hand at jewellery making.

It’s also worth noting that they’re open daily and until late. Hence, you can easily pop by at your most convenient time. 

3. John McKay Jewellers

John McKay Jewellers Homepage

Services: Rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, children’s jewellery, wedding rings, earrings, engagement rings, and more


Address: 53 Moss St, Paisley PA1 1DR, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Google Reviews4.7/5 
Nice Local4.7/5 
Total reviews4.8/5 
Score consistency4.8/5 
Special services4.8/5


  • 75+ years in the industry
  • Carry a wide range for women, men, and children
  • Have an online portfolio
  • Perform repairs and maintenance work
  • Multiple payment methods accepted
  • Diamonds come with proper certification
  • Items are hallmark-stamped at the Birmingham or Edinburgh Assay Office


  • Lifetime guarantee only available for wedding and engagement rings
  • Engraving isn’t free

Established in 1946, John McKay Jeweller is one of the oldest entries on this list and has been a local favourite for decades. 

What we love most about this store is that they carry a wide range of jewellery of different designs for women, men, and children. 

Hence, we think there’s a piece here suitable for each person’s unique taste.

Did we mention that they have over 800 unique sample wedding rings and over 200 sample engagement rings in-store? So, we don’t think you’ll leave their store empty-handed with that many options.

However, if you’re looking to create an item yourself, they also offer bespoke services. 

For extra discerning clients, it’s worth mentioning that all of their diamonds come with proper certification, and items are hallmark stamped at the Birmingham or Edinburgh Assay Office. 

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that they have an online portfolio of their commissioned work. We think this is a great way for interested clients to see whether their line of work best fits their vision.

While it’s great that they offer lifetime guarantees, we were disappointed that this is only available for their wedding and engagement rings. 

On top of that, they also offer additional services such as performing repairs and maintenance. In our perspective, this gives clients extra peace of mind as they can leave their precious jewellery in expert hands.

However, we were a tad disappointed that engraving comes at a small fee. In our experience, most shops often do engraving services for free.

Another added convenience is that they accept multiple payment methods. This includes AMEX, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Google Pay, Maestro, and MasterCard, to name a few.

4. Diamond Heaven Glasgow

Diamond Heaven Glasgow Homepage

Services: Wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants


Address: Unit 31, Princes Square Shopping Centre, Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 3JN, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM
Google Reviews4.9/5 
Trust Pilot4.8/5
Nice Local4.8/5
Total reviews4.8/5 
Score consistency4.3/5 
Special services4.9/5


  • Have the largest collection of diamond rings
  • Independently certified
  • Open daily
  • Finance available
  • Free UK delivery
  • 30-day returns available
  • Offer customisable lab-grown diamonds
  • Free consultations via telephone, online, or in-store


  • Warranty is only up to 12 months
  • Several complaints about deliveries taking longer than advised

If you love diamonds, we think your jaw will drop when you discover that Diamond Heaven Glasgow owns one of the largest collections of certified diamond rings. 

Admittedly, our head was spinning because they have over 6,000 products in their store. This, in our opinion, makes them the perfect store for any last-minute shopping for loved ones. 

You can also opt for their lab-grown diamonds for a more ethically-conscious alternative. You can also choose the shape, carats, cut, clarity, and more to make it uniquely yours.

For extra discerning clients, it’s also worth highlighting that their company is independently certified. So, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of their products.

It’s also great that each purchase comes with a 30-day returns policy. In our opinion, this provides extra peace of mind just in case something is wrong with your item.

It’s also worth noting that they have seasonal sales worth exploring if you’re on a budget. This way, you can get their beautiful gems at a discounted price.

On top of that, did we mention that they offer finance? We think this is another great way to spread the bulk of your payment at a more manageable pace.

However, we were a tad disappointed that their jewellery comes with a warranty of only 12 months. In our experience, most jewellers provide lifetime guarantees.

On the bright side, they offer free consultations via telephone, online, or in-store. We think this added convenience is a plus, especially for those with mobility concerns.

On top of that, they offer free delivery within the UK. So, you can simply place an order online or in-store and wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep. 

Unfortunately, we did hear several complaints about deliveries taking longer than advised. Understandably, many were upset at this, but we were disappointed that only a few clients received a proper explanation from the company. 

5. Blair and Sheridan Bespoke Diamond Jewellers

Blair and Sheridan Bespoke Diamond Jewellers Homepage

Services: Earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, and more


Address: 417 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9JA, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 5 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 5:30 PM
Google Reviews4.9/5 
Nice Local4.9/5
Total reviews4.8/5 
Score consistency4.3/5 
Special services4.9/5


  • Offer in-house and virtual consultations
  • Financing options available
  • All diamonds come with appropriate paperwork to certify authenticity
  • All jewellery is Hallmarked in the UK
  • Free consultations via online or in-store
  • All jewellery is made by hand in-store
  • Shipping is available


  • Operate on an appointment-only basis
  • Pieces are made in limited batches
  • Warranty is only up to 12 months

What we love about Blair and Sheridan Bespoke Diamond Jewellers is that each piece of jewellery is made by hand at their in-house workshop.

From our perspective, this ensures that each item is dedicated time to be carefully crafted, especially given the meticulous process. 

However, we also think this is a double-edged sword since they can only produce in small batches. So, this can negatively affect their turnaround time. 

While we definitely think that their pieces’ quality is worth the wait, it’s vital that you keep this in mind if you’re planning to have jewellery made before a special event.

It’s also worth noting that all of their diamonds have the appropriate paperwork to certify their authenticity. To boot, all of their pieces are Hallmarked in the UK.

Having mentioned that, it’s also worth highlighting that their diamonds are conflict-free. This means they’re sourced from suppliers that don’t use the profits to support wars.

Unfortunately, their warranty only lasts 12 months. We were a tad disappointed because most jewellery stores provide lifetime guarantees.

It’s also important to note that they operate on an appointment-only basis. Even so, you can easily book one via their website or phone. 

We also encourage you to avail of their free consultation, which can be done in-house or virtually. Here, you can discuss the intricacies of your design ideas and if they can bring them to life. 

As for payments, it’s great that they offer financing options to help make payments more flexible by spreading the cost.

Apart from that, you can also have your items shipped directly to your home. You also won’t have to worry about its safety since all items are insured while being transported.

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