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The Top 3 Sexual Health Clinics in Glasgow Homepage

The Top 3 Sexual Health Clinics in Glasgow

How we picked


We eyed clinics that provided a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services, from general screening to providing emergency contraceptives.

Clinic facilities and equipment

To ensure that each clinic adheres to healthcare standards, we checked out their facilities and equipment to see if they were clean, well-maintained, and up-to-date.


Of course, we want to ensure that all medical activities are done by seasoned professionals. Hence, we took a look at their industry experience and any relevant credentials. 


Since most concerns are usually time-sensitive, we chose clinics that are easily accessible. We screened their operating hours, ease of booking, and location accessibility. 

1. Glasgow Medical Rooms

Glasgow Medical Rooms Homepage

Services: Abortion, contraception, counseling and support, emergency contraception, STI testing, vasectomy, and others


Address: 211 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5QY

Contact Details: 0141 211 8130; [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Google Reviews reviews score4.5/5 
What Clinic reviews score4.9/5 
Bark reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.5/5 
Score consistency4.8/5 
Clinic facilities and equipment4.5/5 


  • Appointments available within 24 hours
  • Convenient city centre location with parking
  • Provides comprehensive general STD/STI testing that covers all the common STIs
  • Quick turnover period of 30 minutes to 5 days
  • Offers individual and package testing options
  • Offers patient portal services
  • Pricing information is readily available


  • Range of services is quite limited
  • Short operating hours and closed on weekends
  • Does not offer any emergency services

Founded and managed by Dr. Sheila O’Neill, the Glasgow Medical Rooms is a private GP center that’s conveniently located in the city centre. 

What’s great about this practice is that it’s great for busy people since they provide appointments within 24 hours. Considering that most sexual health concerns are urgent, this is definitely an advantage.

As for their services, we think it’s a tad limited given that they only provide general STD/STI testing, HPV vaccinations, and cervical smears. In our opinion, we’d like to see a few more such as contraception provision and counseling services.

Nevertheless, we appreciate that their general STD/STI testing is quite comprehensive. It covers commonly transmitted infections such as Hepatitis Screen (B and C), Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, and Herpes (1 and 2), to name a few. 

It’s also great that they offer a variety of packages depending on what patients are looking for, from all-in-one to individual testings. These can cost anywhere between £50 to 194 for individual tests and £180 to £563 for packages.

We appreciate that their pricing information is readily available, especially for interested patients. We also like that the turnover period is quite quick, too, anywhere between 30 minutes to 5 days depending on the kind of tests done. 

When it comes to bookings, we appreciate the convenience that their online booking system gives. However, appointments can be difficult to secure due to the high demand.

On the brighter side, we think that it’s great that they offer patient portal services. In our opinion, it’s quite handy that each patient’s medical information is readily available. 

We also liked that they have on-site parking, so patients won’t have to worry about that. While they are open on weekdays, we were undeniably disappointed that they weren’t open until late nor offered any emergency services.

2. Your Sexual Health

Your Sexual Health Homepage

Services: Tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, herpes, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, and others


Address: 24 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8ED

Contact Details: 0161 413 2086; [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 6 PM; Friday: 9 AM – 1 PM

Nice Local reviews score5/5 
Total reviews2/5 
Score consistency5/5 
Clinic facilities and equipment4.5/5 


  • Has 4 private sexual health clinics located across the Glasgow area
  • Convenient city center location with parking
  • Offers home or clinic appointments
  • Quick turnover period of 2-5 days
  • Offers individual and package testing options
  • Pricing information is readily available
  • Entire process is discreet


  • Closes earlier on Fridays
  • No emergency services available 

What we love best about Your Sexual Clinic is that it’s incredibly accessible via public and private transportation. 

They have 4 private sexual health clinics located across the Glasgow area. Most of these have on-site parking and great availability, offering evening and weekend appointments.

Hence, we don’t think accessibility will be an issue here. However, we were a bit disappointed that they close earlier on Fridays.

Another great thing about this clinic is that they provide a wide range of tests, from early detection tests to quick turnaround for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, to name a few. 

For those in a rush, it’s worth noting that they have a short turnaround period of only 2 to 5 days. In our opinion, this is quite fast, especially considering the clinic’s demand.

We appreciate how all the important information is readily displayed on their website. This includes what kind of samples they’ll be taking (urine, blood, or swab), turnaround time, and price, among others. 

Aside from that, they provide comprehensive information on the test description and procedure. We like the transparency because it ensures patients are presented with all the necessary information before booking an appointment.

Speaking of bookings, patients can also do this via their website. It’s also quite convenient that they offer home and clinic appointments. 

On top of individual tests and comprehensive packages, we were happily surprised that they also offer at-home testing kits. We think this is the next level of convenience since they’ll send a sample collection kit along with an envelope that patients will return without leaving home.

We also think their confidentiality is top-notch since the entire process is discreet. They won’t add their findings to your medical record and have partnered pharmacists to get your medication directly delivered to you.

3. Better2Know

Services: Tests for chlamydia, herpes, HIV, hepatitis, HPV, genital warts, and ureaplasma, among others


Address: 49-51 Crow Road, Partick, Glasgow G11 7SH

Contact Details: 0207 099 0955

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM

Trust Pilot reviews score4.2/5 
Total reviews2/5 
Score consistency4.2/5 
Clinic facilities and equipment4.5/5 


  • Has 5 sexual health clinics across the Glasgow area
  • Offers home or clinic appointments
  • Offers same-day and next-day appointments
  • Patients don’t need to reveal their real names to get tested 
  • Pricing information is readily available
  • Online payment methods available
  • Offers financing through Laybuy


  • Booking difficulties may arise from high demand
  • Quick turnaround results vary on the clinic

What’s great about Better2Know is their full range of sexual health-related services, from STI testing to family planning. Hence, they’re a popular clinic to frequent for expert medical advice. 

All tests are performed at accredited laboratories with the highest confidentiality level. Actually, we were quite impressed that patients don’t even need to give out their real names to get tested.

We think this provides immense relief to those who would rather stay anonymous. 

We appreciate the convenience of having 5 clinics across the Glasgow area. This way, patients can visit whichever is closest to them with ease. 

Aside from being open Mondays through Saturdays, they also offer same-day and next-day appointments. We think this level of accessibility will surely benefit time-sensitive cases. 

It’s great that they have their pricing information readily available, especially for interested patients. Bookings can easily be made via their website along with payments via AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa. 

To boot, they also offer financing through Laybuy, where patients can make 6 interest-free installments. In our opinion, this helps make sexual health services more accessible to everyone.

On top of in-person clinic visits, it’s also worth mentioning that they offer at-home testing kits for added convenience and as a low-cost testing alternative. This way, patients can perform tests comfortably in their own homes. 

We also like that patients can opt for their Come2You where a private nurse can perform any STI test or screening at patients’ homes, workplaces, or any viable location any day of the week, including bank holidays. 

We think this gives patients personal one-to-one time with their nurses. Hence, we definitely have to give it to them in terms of discretion. 

Another strong point includes their short turnaround periods, with some results coming back the same day they’re received at the laboratory. However, this varies on the clinic.

Whilst popularity is a good thing, it can also be quite troublesome since they’re often in high demand. Hence, it can be a tad difficult to secure bookings. 

FAQs About Sexual Health Clinics

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