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5 Best Employment Lawyers in Aberdeen

5 Best Employment Lawyers in Aberdeen

  • Legal Services – To offer a comprehensive evaluation of their capabilities, we scrutinised their track record. We also checked out the selection of legal services they offer in the realm of employment law.
  • Expertise – We also considered the substantial experience and professional achievements of each law firm, indicative of their mastery of employment law.
  • Work Ethic – We also observed their efficiency and conduct when attending to client inquiries and issues.
  • Fees – Furthermore, we assessed the cost-effectiveness of their attorney fees, aiding you in identifying law firms that align with your budget.

Navigating the landscape of employment law can be as tricky as trying to assemble IKEA furniture without instructions. That’s why we’ve reviewed Aberdeen’s top employment lawyers, to help guide you through workplace challenges. 

Whether it’s wrongful termination, discrimination claims, or contract disputes, these legal pros have you covered. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the advocates who can help you climb the ladder of employment justice!

1. D J P Solicitors

D J P Solicitors' Homepage

Employment Law Services: Consultation, Unfair Dismissal, Workplace Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Employment Law Advice, Compromise Agreements


Address: 226 Holburn St, Aberdeen AB10 6DB, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 590053

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Birdeye reviews score4.3/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Legal Services5/5
→Track Record5/5
→Selection of Services5/5
Work Ethic3/5
Fees (A higher score means better value)5/5


  • Over 15 years of local law experience
  • Principal Solicitor is an Education and Training Committee member
  • Flexible meeting options
  • Transparent consultation fees
  • Offers capped fees and payment plans
  • Experienced in drafting Compromise Agreement


  • Does not offer Legal Aid-funded services
  • Reports of queries not being handled sensitively

D J P Solicitors, with over 15 years of local law experience, brings a wealth of employment law experience to the table, offering clients seasoned legal support.

In fact, its Principal Solicitor, Dean Purdie, holds a significant role within the Law Society of Scotland’s Education and Training Committee. This underlines his commitment to legal education standards in the country.

We appreciate the firm’s flexible client meetings. Offering in-person, phone, or video meeting options allows clients to choose the mode of communication that suits them best.

Unlike other solicitors, they have transparent consultation fees. They have a fixed fee, one-off consultation at £80 plus VAT (£96 in total), enabling clients to discuss their case with a solicitor for up to an hour without further obligation.

They also offer capped fees and payment plans. These options give clients financial control and flexibility throughout their legal journey.

Their extensive experience with Settlement Agreements, sometimes referred to as Compromise Agreements, adds significant value. This is ideal for clients navigating severance and legal matters with employers.

Do note that the firm does not offer Legal Aid-funded services, which may limit accessibility for clients who rely on such support.

Some customers have also reported that their queries were not handled as sensitively as expected, indicating a potential area for improvement in client interactions.

2. Brodies LLP

Brodies LLP Homepage

Employment Law Services: Litigation, Business Change, Consultation, Operational HR Support, Independent Investigations, Contracts, Policy Development, Training, Employee Relations


Address: 31-33 Union Grove, Aberdeen AB10 6SD, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 392242

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 8 AM–6 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
ReviewSolicitors reviews score2/5
Score consistency4/5
Total Reviews3.43/5
Legal Services5/5
→Track Record5/5
→Selection of Services5/5
Work Ethic3/5
Fees (A higher score means better value)3/5


  • 300 years of experience
  • Part of Working Families’ 2022 Top 30 Employers
  • Cater to individuals and businesses in the UK and abroad
  • Has top-ranking employment lawyers in Chambers and Legal 500
  • Extensive experience in appearing before courts and tribunals
  • Hosts an annual Brodies Tennis Invitational


  • Comparatively pricier
  • Reports of non-responsive solicitors

Brodies LLP is another solid option for those seeking the services of employment lawyers.

First off, we’re impressed by its long-standing reputation. With a rich history spanning over three centuries, Brodies LLP brings a wealth of experience and tradition to its legal services.

The firm has also been recognized as a top employer, which we appreciate. Their inclusion in Working Families’ 2022 Top 30 Employers demonstrates a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace.

We noticed their diverse clientele. They cater to individuals, families, businesses, and organisations, offering a broad spectrum of legal support in Scotland, the UK, and abroad.

Their employment and immigration team also boasts leading lawyers in Scotland, top-ranking in both Chambers and Legal 500.

We’re also reassured by their advocacy prowess. Their ability to appear in courts and tribunals across the UK and conduct in-house advocacy adds value to their legal services.

They even host an annual Brodies Tennis Invitational, featuring tennis legends, bringing a unique sporting and social dimension to their community engagement.

Unfortunately, Brodies LLP is comparatively pricier, which may affect accessibility for some clients seeking legal assistance.

Also, some clients have reported non-responsive solicitors, highlighting the importance of maintaining effective client-attorney communication.

3. James & George Collie

James & George Collie's Homepage

Employment Law Services: Settlement Agreements, Dispute Resolutions, Employment Tribunal Representation


Address: 1 E Craibstone St, Aberdeen AB11 6YQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 1224 581581

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM–5PM

Google reviews score4.8/5
ReviewSolicitors reviews score5/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Legal Services5/5
→Track Record5/5
→Selection of Services5/5
Work Ethic4/5
Fees (A higher score means better value)4/5


  • Over 175 years of experience
  • Has multiple locations
  • Specialises in employment-related settlement agreements
  • Provides representation in employment tribunals
  • Offers dispute resolution services
  • Effective solicitors


  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Limited range of employment services

We recommend James & George Collie, a well-established law firm that has over 175 years of experience. Meaning, that the firm has earned the trust of generations of clients, reflecting their ability to deliver quality legal advice and support.

They have three offices in Aberdeen and one in Stonehaven. Its multiple locations enhance accessibility for clients across the region.

In terms of employment law, it specialises in drafting employment-related settlement agreements. This offers clients the advantage of tax-free compensation of up to £30,000, employer-funded legal advice, and dispute avoidance.

The firm also reviews and advises on claims and provides representation in employment tribunals or court proceedings when needed. This gives clients peace of mind that they’re receiving comprehensive legal support.

Additionally, they offer dispute resolution services, providing clients with options for an amicable conflict solution. We think this is ideal for those who would like their disputes to be resolved efficiently and effectively.

Some customers have commended Solicitor Brian Sutton. He provided valuable guidance that saved clients money and time and allowed them to avoid lengthy legal battles.

Sadly, other clients have reported concerns about the firm’s responsiveness. They’ve cited subpar responses even for straightforward matters, highlighting a potential area for improvement in client communication.

While proficient in settlement agreements, James & George Collie’s range of employment-related services may be limited. For those with specific concerns regarding their employment, they might need to go elsewhere.

4. Laurie & Company

Laurie & Company's Homepage

Employment Law Services: Preparing Contracts of Employment, Establishing HR Policies, Compliance Issues, Management Solutions, Unfair Dismissal Claims, Employment Tribunals, Redundancy, Compromise Agreements


Address: 17 Victoria St, Aberdeen AB10 1PU, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 1224 645085

Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Tue, Thurs-Fri: 9 AM–5 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM–5:30 PM
Google reviews score4.4/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Legal Services5/5
→Track Record5/5
→Selection of Services5/5
Work Ethic5/5
Fees (A higher score means better value)3/5


  • 68 years of experience
  • Its solicitors prioritise plain language over legal jargon
  • Managing Partner is experienced in employment law
  • Multiple offices in Aberdeen
  • Offers comprehensive services to employers
  • Provides tailored services for employees


  • Reports of lack of transparency regarding hourly rates
  • Does not accept walk-in clients

Founded in 1955, Laurie & Company has built a strong and reputable presence in Aberdeen’s legal landscape. This firm strives to balance decades of experience with a modern approach to meet diverse legal needs.

The firm is known for its straightforward and approachable solicitors who prioritise plain language over legal jargon. This allows clients to easily understand their legal matters.

We also commend its experienced leadership. Managing Partner Linda Fyffe’s roles in providing employment law advice, representation at employment tribunals, and appearances in Sheriff Courts showcase the firm’s expertise.

With two offices in Aberdeen, one in Aberdeenshire, and another in Aboyne, the firm’s accessibility across the region is a significant advantage for clients.

They also offer comprehensive services for employers which include contract preparation, HR policies, compliance, dispute resolution, and representation in unfair dismissal claims, allowing them to cover a wide range of issues.

We appreciate the firm’s tailored services for employees, offering guidance on employment relationship issues, redundancy matters, and unfair dismissal claims.

One drawback is that some clients have reported issues with the firm not being upfront about hourly rates from the outset. This highlights the importance of clear fee communication.

It’s also important to note that Laurie & Company does not accept walk-in clients. This may inconvenience those seeking immediate legal assistance without a prior appointment.

5. Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors

Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors' Homepage

Employment Law Services: Employment Tribunals, Employment Contracts, Restrictive Covenants, Discrimination Concerns, Dismissal Processes, Redundancy Consultation, Settlement Agreements, Severance Discussions


Address: 52-54 Rose St, Aberdeen AB10 1HA, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 408408

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5:15 PM

Google reviews score3.5/5
Trustpilot reviews score3.1/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Total Reviews3.7/5
Legal Services5/5
→Track Record5/5
→Selection of Services5/5
Work Ethic3/5
Fees (A higher score means better value)3/5


  • Among the first in Scotland to establish a charitable trust
  • Encourages colleagues to engage in volunteer work
  • Solicitors recognized by the Chambers UK and Legal 500
  • Business transfers under TUPE regulations
  • Offers in-house training, seminars, and skills-building sessions
  • Experienced in handling employment discrimination


  • Pricey
  • Reported issues with professionalism and communication

Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors is another good choice for your employment concerns. It offers a wide range of legal services, including employment law advice and support for corporate transactions.

Notably, the firm was among the pioneers in Scotland to establish a charitable trust. We think their ongoing commitment to charitable giving underscores their dedication to community support.

They even encourage colleagues to actively engage in volunteer work, promoting the sharing of skills and time with various charitable and nonprofit organisations. The “Charity Day” initiative highlights their commitment to giving back.

Ledingham Chalmers’ employment law solicitors provide comprehensive guidance to businesses, charities, public sector entities, and individuals. Their expertise is consistently recognized in respected legal directories like Chambers UK and Legal 500.

The firm extends its services to include matters related to business transfers under TUPE regulations, demonstrating its ability to provide comprehensive support in both legal compliance and strategic decision-making for businesses.

We’re impressed with how they address discrimination concerns, which include both defending claims and providing training and policy development.

For companies who want to enhance their knowledge and employee relations, they offer customised in-house training, seminars, and skills-building sessions.

The hourly rates for employment matters at Ledingham Chalmers range from £150 to £325, which is a bit on the higher end. This cost factor may be a concern for clients seeking legal services within a tighter budget.

Some clients have reported issues with professionalism and communication, noting a need to actively follow up and chase the firm for updates on their cases. This aspect highlights the importance of clear and timely client engagement.

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