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Where to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Services in Edinburgh

Where to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Services in Edinburgh

How We Picked the Best Teeth Whitening Services in Edinburgh

Patient Care

It is important to assess the bedside manner of the dentists or dental technicians in each clinic to ensure that they provide a great patient experience.


A clinic’s ambiance goes a long way in easing the nerves of anxious patients.


We checked how well-equipped each clinic is in terms of their amenities and equipment.

Payment Options

We also reviewed the payment options in each clinic so that you’d know which ones fit your budget or payment capabilities.

Links Dental Practice Homepage


Address: 154 Ferry Rd., Edinburgh EH6 4NX, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 800 048 7208

Operating Hours: Mon-Tue: 8:30AM–8:30PM

        Wed-Thurs: 8:30AM–5:30PM

        Friday 8:30AM–5PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Yelp reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score4.3/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Patient Care5/5
Payment Options5/5


  • Complimentary consultation with a Smile Advisor
  • Exceptional bedside manner
  • Offers 0% interest free credit on treatment


  • Scheduling issues
  • Does not accept NHS patients anymore

Links Dental Practice is definitely one of the best clinics that offer teeth whitening services in Edinburgh. It’s not a surprise that they were shortlisted in the Private Dentistry Awards 2022!

Right off the bat, patients are offered a free consultation with a Smile Advisor, which usually costs £97. All you need to do is book an appointment online or call them up for one, and you’re all set.

Patients also appreciate the exceptional bedside manner of the clinic’s dentists and technicians. They talk patients through every step of the process, which helps put their minds at ease.

In addition, their dentists and technicians are all trained in pain-free techniques, and are known to work gently and efficiently.

Their prices are not displayed on their website since they personalise their service according to each patient’s needs. However, they offer 0% interest free credit on treatment for those looking for financial options, which is always good to know.

On the other hand, some patients have had complaints about the scheduling of their treatments. For instance, one had to wait two months for his appointment, only to have his schedule rearranged twice, then never heard back from them again.

Also, they no longer accept NHS patients, to the dismay of some of their long-time patients.

If you do manage to score a solid appointment and you are not an NHS patient, then this clinic, which has been shortlisted for the 2022 Private Dentistry Awards, is definitely worth a shot.

2. Southside Dental Care

Southside Dental Care Homepage


Address: 125 Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3AJ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 131 667 5656

Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8AM–8PM

         Friday: 8AM–5PM

Google reviews score4.6/5
Yelp reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Patient Care4/5
Payment Options5/5


  • One of Enlighten Teeth Whitening’s Regional Centres of Excellence
  • Comforting ambiance 
  • Confident and professional approach 
  • Offers professional instalment options


  • Some inexperienced younger dentists
  • Rude receptionist

If you want to make those pearly whites sparkle, then you can also check out Southside Dental Care. Not only do they offer Enlighten Teeth Whitening, but they were made one of Enlighten Teeth Whitening’s Regional Centres of Excellence.

Upon walking into the clinic, you might notice that it perfectly blends professionalism, comfort, and style with its white & muted gray colour scheme, state-of-the-art equipment, and huge windows with calming outdoor views.

Southside Dental Care dentists and technicians are also known for their confident and professional approach, and they deliver amazing results.

For example, when a patient encountered some sensitivity during her two-week teeth whitening treatment, she sent her technician an email,who responded immediately with excellent tips that helped. 

In terms of payment options, the clinic offers professional instalment options including 0% interest-free plans. The clinic also works closely with Finance4Patients, a company that specialises in providing finance to dental patients.

However, some patients experienced some issues with the younger dentists due to their inexperience. For instance, a patient felt offended when a young dentist talked to her in a somewhat condescending way, showing her how to brush her teeth.

Overall, don’t let these isolated mishaps stop you from visiting one of Enlighten Teeth Whitening’s Regional Centres of Excellence. We think they’re still worth a try, given their credibility in the field.

3. Cherrybank Dental Spa

Cherrybank Dental Spa Homepage


Address: Centrum House, 108-114 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 5DQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 131 516 8772

Operating Hours: Monday: 9AM–8PM

        Tuesday: 9AM–5PM

        Wed-Thurs: 9AM–6:30PM

        Friday: 9AM–5PM

        Saturday: 9AM–1PM

Google reviews score4.8/5
Yelp reviews score4/5
Facebook reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4.4/5
Patient Care4.5/5
Payment Options4/5


  • Winner Of The Best Patient Care Award At The Private Dentistry Awards
  • Free consultation with a Smile Advisor
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comfortable and stylish Cherrybank Relaxing Lounge


  • Aggressive sales model
  • Some patient reports of switched personal belongings

The Cherrybank Dental Spa is one of the best-known clinics in Edinburgh for very good reason. This clinic actually won the Best Patient Care Award At The Private Dentistry Awards!

Similar to Links Dental Practice, they also provide a free consultation with a Smile Advisor in order to gauge your teeth whitening needs.

Their teeth whitening services are priced from £115 – £600, which we think are quite fair.

The clinic itself also provides a welcoming and comforting vibe. It has polished wooden floors  which warms up the place, and its colour scheme includes off-white and purple, a very trendy combination.

Cherrybank also has a Relaxing Lounge akin to a hotel living room, complete with a designer couch, a gleaming wooden coffee table, and lamps that provide mood lighting.

While their ambiance is impressive, their patient care has room for improvement. Some patients apparently experienced aggressive overselling, which made them feel awkward.

Also, they have a rule wherein they take the patient’s belongings to a separate room. While we understand the need for safety and hygiene, it’s not a foolproof system, after all – a patient was reportedly offered someone else’s handbag after her treatment.

Despite these minor setbacks, it would certainly put your mind at ease if you had your teeth whitened in an award-winning clinic. 

4. Barron Dental

Barron Dental Homepage


Address: 23-27 Ferry Rd., Edinburgh EH6 4AD, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 131 553 2726

Operating Hours: MWF: 8:30AM–5PM

                              Tue and Thurs: 8:30AM–7PM

Google reviews score4.9/5
Yelp reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.9/5
Patient Care5/5
Payment Options4/5


  • Member of the British Dental Association’s ‘Good Practice Scheme’
  • Skilled and responsive dentists and technicians
  • Offers Barron Dental Care Plans 


  • Pricey
  • Unexpected additional costs

Barron Dental is an established clinic and certainly one of the best teeth whitening places in Edinburgh. 

For starters, this clinic is a member of the British Dental Association’s ‘Good Practice Scheme.’ Only a few dental practices are awarded this prestigious membership, and each member needs to fulfill strict requirements & standards meticulously.

Barron Dental is also known for its skilled and responsive dentists and technicians. It’s no wonder that some patients have been going to Barron Dental for over 25 years!

For those on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that this clinic offers various Barron Dental Care Plans. These provide between 20% and 100% cover for all dental treatments, including teeth whitening.

Now, some patients found this place to be pricier than some of its counterparts. For instance, its professional teeth whitening service starts at £355 while Cherrybank Dental Spa’s teeth whitening service starts at £115.

Some patients were also hit with unexpected costs. 

For example, after having paid £49 for the examination and X-rays, a patient needed to pay an additional £30 for a second X-ray that a dentist requested because he could not see the bottom of the root canals.

If you are on a budget and you are looking for skilled and responsive dentists and technicians, then this is the perfect place for you.

5. Enhance Dental Care

Enhance Dental Care Homepage


Address: 1a, 3 Drum Brae Ave, Edinburgh EH12 8TE, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 131 339 7959

Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8:45AM–5:30PM

        Tuesday: 8:45AM–5:30PM

        Friday 8:45AM–5PM

Google reviews score4.1/5
Trustpilot reviews score4.7/5
Facebook reviews score3.8/5
Total reviews4.23/5
Patient Care3.5/5
Payment Options4/5


  • Customisable tooth whitening treatment
  • Offers both NHS & private dentistry 
  • Provides a range of competitive pricing and finance options


  • Erratic appointment booking system
  • Rude dental nurses

Enhance Dental Care in Edinburgh is another great option for your teeth whitening needs. Initially known as Drum Brae Dental Care, Enhance Dental Care has been established since July 2014.

First off, Enhance Dental Care can customise your tooth-whitening treatment, depending on the degree of staining your teeth may have.

They also offer a range of competitive pricing and finance options, so you don’t have to break the bank to achieve your winning smile.

If you are an NHS patient, you are in luck because Enhance Dental Care is a mixed practice offering both NHS & private dentistry. 

Several patients, however, experienced some issues with the clinic’s appointment booking system. 

For instance, someone had been calling for months to get an appointment. When he finally got one, it was canceled two hours before the appointment. 

When he followed up, his schedule had been moved three months from that time.

There were also reports of rude behaviour involving a dental nurse. Instead of displaying a good bedside manner, she was apparently dismissive and unfriendly.

We hope that the clinic can work on their patient rapport as this is extremely critical in gaining loyalty and preference.

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