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5 Best Loan Services In Glasgow

5 Best Loan Services in Glasgow

How We Picked the Top Loan Services in Glasgow

How We Picked

Loan Service

To help customers evaluate their options, it is important to look at the interest rates/repayment options and loan selection each company has.


Lending services need to be trustworthy, so we rated each company’s years of experience and accreditations as well.


Each lending service’s timeliness and responsiveness were also measured. This will let customers know what to expect during the lending application.

Value-Added Services

We also assessed the add-on services that each loan agency offers. This will help customers decide which lending firm could best accommodate their needs.

    1. Everyday Loans Glasgow

    Everyday Loans Glasgow's Homepage

    Services: Personal Loans, Long-Term Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Joint Loans, Car Loans, Wedding Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Unsecured Loans


    Address: 1st floor, 150 W George St, Glasgow G2 2HG, United Kingdom

    Contact Details:  +44 141 331 0457

    Operating Hours:

    • Mon-Fri: 10 AM–6 PM
    • Saturday: 10 AM–12 PM
    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Trustpilot reviews score4.4/5
    Score consistency5/5
    Total Reviews4.56/5
    Loan Service4/5
    >Interest Rates/Repayment Options4/5
    >Years of Experience4.5/5
    Value-Added Services3.5/5


    • Established in 2006 and has branches nationwide
    • Open on Saturdays
    • Direct lender
    • Comparatively lower representative APR
    • Uses Soft Searching technology 
    • Can provide you with a conditional decision in just minutes
    • Offers joint loans


    • Minimum loan amount is £1000
    • Reports of communication issues

    Everyday Loans Glasgow was established in 2006 and has several branches nationwide. Their considerable experience makes them one of the top loan services in Glasgow.

    Unlike other lending firms, they are actually open on Saturdays. This is great news for those who only have free time during the weekends.

    They are direct lenders and not brokers, which is convenient. This means they won’t charge you with additional fees or commissions for successful loans.

    You’d also be happy to know that their representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is comparatively lower (99.9%). Meaning, more than half of their customers are being charged only 99.9% APR while others have a representative APR of more than 1000%.

    Typically, running a conventional credit check can potentially lower your credit rating. Fortunately, they use soft searching technology, which will not affect your credit score.

    After their soft credit check, they can provide you with a conditional decision in just minutes, unlike other firms that might take days or even weeks. This is great because in case you are declined, you’d have time to look at other options.

    A unique type of loan they offer that other firms do not is a joint loan, which is great for those with a low credit score. This type of loan allows you to apply together with your  partner or family member, providing you with a higher chance of being successful.

    One downside is that their minimum loan amount is £1000, which is not ideal for those who only want a quick, short loan of £500 or even £100.

    Also, we heard reports of communication issues, which highly inconvenienced their customers. Apparently, some were told that their applications were successful, but were told the opposite at a later date.

    2. Scotcash

    Scotcash's Homepage

    Services: Emergency Loan, Ethical Payday Loan Alternative, Bad Credit Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Holiday Loans, Funeral Loans 


    Address: 55 High St, Glasgow G1 1LX, United Kingdom

    Contact Details:  +44 141 276 0525

    Operating Hours:

    • Monday: 9 AM–5 PM
    • Tuesday: 9 AM–6 PM
    • Wednesday: 10 AM–5 PM
    • Thursday: 9 AM–6 PM
    • Friday: 9 AM–4 PM
    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Facebook reviews score4/5
    Score consistency4.9/5
    Total Reviews4.4/5
    Loan Service3.75/5
    >Interest Rates/Repayment Options3.5/5
    >Years of Experience4.5/5
    Value-Added Services4/5


    • Established in 2007
    • Has various prestigious affiliations
    • Quick loans starting at £100
    • Offers an Emergency Loan 
    • Offers an ethical Payday Loan alternative


    • Comparatively higher representative APR
    • Various communication breakdowns

    Scotcash seems to be quite experienced in the lending industry, having been established in 2007. Their 16 years of experience certainly help in making them one of the top loan agencies in Glasgow.

    To back this up, they have various prestigious affiliations that not all companies have, which highlight their credibility. These include Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Housing Association, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Communities Scotland.

    Unlike other companies which require you to borrow at least £1000, this company can process loans that start at a mere £100. This is quite convenient for those who do not want to commit to having a large debt.

    They also have a unique Emergency Loan service, which can be highly convenient for some. On average, the maximum emergency loan available is £800; however, they can offer up to £2,000 with a maximum repayment period of 12 months!

    What we admire is their ethical Payday Loan alternative. Unlike other lenders who will lend customers an unusually large amount with a very high-interest, all of their loans are means-tested, meaning they only lend what they know you can afford. 

    Sadly, their representative APR is a bit higher compared to other companies at 174.5% APR.

    Also, various customers have complained about communication breakdowns. These include not being able to talk to a live person, only with their online chatbot; and initially being told they had a successful application, only to be told otherwise at a later date.

    3.  Glasgow Credit Union

    Glasgow Credit Union's Homepage

    Services: Debt Consolidation Loan, Mortgage Repayment Loan, Fixed-Rate Loan, Personal Loan, Secured Against Shares Loan, Car Loan


    Address: Side entrance, 95 Morrison St, Glasgow G5 8BE, United Kingdom

    Contact Details:  +44 141 274 9933

    Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5 PM

    Google reviews score4.1/5
    Facebook reviews score4.9/5
    Score consistency4.6/5
    Total Reviews4.53/5
    Loan Service4.25/5
    >Interest Rates/Repayment Options4/5
    >Years of Experience5/5
    Value-Added Services5/5


    • Comparatively has a higher ceiling amount 
    • Part of the Employer Partner scheme
    • Has its own charitable fund, Giving Glasgow
    • Offers a Secured Against Savings Loan
    • Offers a Car Loan with many inclusions


    • Not for customers with bad credit standing
    • Hard to get in touch with

    Glasgow Credit Union is also another solid choice if you are looking for a loan in Glasgow. This is especially true if you are looking for a loan up to £25,000, which not all companies offer.

    They are also part of the Employer Partner scheme, which is very convenient for those who are employed by one of their 110 partner companies. Repaying your loans through salary deduction would save you time and energy.

    We are also impressed by their own charitable fund, Giving Glasgow. To date, this fund has donated £145,000 to worthy causes, which is admirable.

    For those who already have savings but do not want to touch them, we recommend their Secured Against Savings Loan. You can borrow a loan that is equal to or less than your savings at their lowest rate of 5.9% APR.

    We also like their car loans. Unlike the car loans of other companies, theirs have several inclusions such as no early repayment fees, free loan protection, and the lowest-ever APR rates.

    Unfortunately, unlike other companies, they are not for customers with bad credit, as they do not have a bad credit loan.

    Also, there were apparently times wherein their customers had trouble getting in touch with them. We agree that this is highly inconvenient, especially if you just have a simple query.

    4.  Scotwest Credit Union

    Scotwest Credit Union's Homepage

    Services: Car Loan, Green Car Loan, SavingsSecure Loans, Fast Loan, Revolvaloans, Consolidation Loan


    Address: 13 Elmbank St, Glasgow G2 4PB, United Kingdom

    Contact Details:  +44 141 227 2390

    Operating Hours:

    • Mon-Thurs: 8:30 AM–5 PM
    • Friday: 8:30 AM–4 PM
    Google reviews score4.4/5
    Review Centre reviews score2.6/5
    Score consistency4/5
    Total Reviews3.6/5
    Loan Service4.75/5
    >Interest Rates/Repayment Options5/5
    >Years of Experience5/5
    Value-Added Services5/5


    • Has been around for 30 years
    • Has comparatively low interest rates
    • Has a high ceiling loan amount
    • Offers free Life Savings & Loan Protection
    • Has a unique Green Car Loan
    • Has a Fast Loan


    • Must be a member of Scotwest
    • Reports of rude staff behaviour

    Right off the bat, we were impressed by Scotwest Credit Union’s 30 years of industry experience. It seems they’ve build a solid reputation of credibility for themselves with such a wealth of know-how in the lending business.

    Their loan services have comparatively lower interest rates than their competitors. For qualified applicants, they can offer car loans with an APR as low as 3.9%.

    Not only do they have lower interest rates, they also have a higher ceiling amount, which is great for those who need a large sum. You can borrow up to £30,000 upon being qualified.

    We also appreciate their free Life Savings & Loan Protection, which will protect your loved ones from your debt in the event of your death. This is not something that all companies offer.

    For the environmentally-conscious, you’d be happy to know that they have a one-of-a-kind Green Car Loan. As part of their efforts to achieve a ‘Net Zero’ future, they are offering their lowest loan rate of 2.9% APR for electric or hybrid vehicles only.

    They also offer a Fast Loan that allows members to borrow up to £500 at short notice without high interest charges or hidden fees. We think this is quite helpful and convenient, especially since you’ll be given a same-day decision!

    Of course, to take advantage of their various loan options, you’d need to sign up to be a member first.

    Also, some customers have mentioned unfortunate interactions with their staff, wherein they left feeling disrespected and undervalued.

    5. NowLoan

    NowLoan's Homepage

    Services: Payday Loan, Personal Loan, Bad Credit Loan, 12 Month Loan, Cheap Loan, Doorstep Loan, Easy Loan, Emergency Loan, Guarantor Loan, Logbook Loan


    Address: 272 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JR, United Kingdom

    Contact Details:  +44 1382 477266

    Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

    Google reviews score4.5/5
    Trustpilot reviews score4.9/5
    Score consistency4.8/5
    Total Reviews4.73/5
    Loan Service4/5
    >Interest Rates/Repayment Options3/5
    >Years of Experience4/5
    Value-Added Services4/5


    • Offers a very wide variety of loans
    • Has a Student Loan
    • Offers a Doorstep Loan
    • Has a unique Logbook Loan
    • Able to provide a quick decision


    • Higher interest rates
    • Not a direct lender
    • Reports of communication issues

    NowLoan is another top go-to choice for those looking to borrow some cash. In fact, they are known for their very wide variety of loans that could cater to almost every need.

    First off, they offer a student loan, which not all companies do. This option is quite helpful for those who have already maxed out their government or non-profit student grants or loans, or those who did not qualify for them in the first place.

    They also offer a unique Doorstep Loan for those who want to complete the loan from the comfort of their homes. This would be extremely helpful for homebound individuals, single moms/dads who don’t have a sitter, and those working at home.

    Another loan that is not being offered by other firms is their Logbook Loan. This will allow people who have bad credit but with vehicles to use their cars to borrow money, using their vehicles as security.

    We think, however, that their APR rates are a bit on the high end, which range from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR.

    Also, since they are brokers and not lenders, they do not make credit decisions. They also charge a commission, which means added fees for the borrower.

    We also heard reports of their staff’s poor communication skills. Some clients mentioned how staff kept providing them with conflicting instructions, which made them feel quite confused.

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