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5 Best Korean Restaurants In Glasgow

5 Best Korean Restaurants in Glasgow

How We Picked


We first checked out the quality and selection of delicious dishes available in each Korean restaurant.

Restaurant Staff

We also checked out the responsiveness and demeanour of each Korean restaurant’s staff. These factors will help provide customers with a great dining experience.


We also looked at the prices in each Korean restaurant to let you know which ones can provide the best value for your quid.


In addition, we assessed the aesthetic of each Korean restaurant to let customers choose which vibe they’d prefer to dine in.

1. Bibimbap

Bibimbap's Homepage

Dishes: Tteok-Bokki, BiBimBap, Japchae, Bulgogi, Cheese Dalggalbi, Jeyuk Bokkeum, Pork Belly Gimbap, Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), Kimchi Bokk-eumbab, Chicken Katsu Curry, Kimchi Man Du, Haemul Bokk-eumbap, Tuna Gimbap


Address: 3 W Nile St, Glasgow G1 2PR, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 141 221 1314

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 12 PM–10 PM

Google reviews score4.4/5
Tripadvisor reviews score4/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Total Reviews4.4/5
Restaurant Staff4/5
Prices(A higher score means better value)4/5


  • Offers traditional and fusion Korean food
  • Youthful, quirky atmosphere
  • Has a 20% Student Discount


  • Music is a tad too loud
  • Unfriendly staff
  • A bit pricey

For fans of traditional and fusion Korean food, Bibimbap would be a great choice. We love its quirky, youthful atmosphere, with colourful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, small living wall frames, and Korean movie posters on the walls.

We also appreciate their 20% student discount offer, which not all Korean restaurants have. This is available Monday – Friday, 12 PM-4 PM when you dine in the restaurant.

They also have a Lunchtime Takeaway offer for those looking to save money. For only £9.50, diners can have bibimbap, gimbap, or katsu, plus a can of juice.

We ordered their Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), and it was so good! It was super crispy on the outside and smoky and juicy on the inside.

Since their restaurant was named after it, we also ordered a couple of bibimbap dishes: ‘BiBimBap’ and ‘Kimchi Bokk-Eumbab.’ They were both very tasty and filling.

We did find the music they were playing to be a tad too loud. We had to raise our voices a bit to converse with one another.

Also, we found the staff to be a bit unfriendly. While they weren’t outright rude, you could tell they didn’t want to be there.

Compared to other restaurants, their prices are also a tad higher. For instance, a large order of their KFC is priced at £26 while this is priced lower at other restaurants, even though they have the same quality in terms of taste.

2. Silla Korean Restaurant

Silla Korean Restaurant's Homepage

Dishes: Bibimbap, Kimchi Bokkeum Bap, Don Kka Seu, Kimchi Jjigae, Sun Dubu Jjigae, Bul go gi, Dak Gal Bi,  Sam Gyeop Sal, Korean Fried Chicken, Go Deungeo Gui,  Ja Jang Myeon, Jjam Ppong, Bul Dak Go Chi, Ttoek Bokki, Jap Chae


Address: 1138 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TD, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 141 334 5566

Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 12 PM–1:30 PM, 5 PM–8:30 PM
  • Friday-Sat: 12 PM–8:30 PM
Google reviews score4.3/5
Tripadvisor reviews score4/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Total Reviews4.33/5
Restaurant Staff4.5/5
Prices(A higher score means better value)3/5


  • Serves traditional Korean specialties
  • Charming, contemporary space


  • Some food quality issues
  • Servings were a bit small
  • Closed on Sundays

If you favour traditional Korean fare, then you might want to try Silla Korean Restaurant. This intimate, casual eatery serving is a perfect place to chill out with your family and friends.

Upon entering, we immediately liked their charming, contemporary space. Featuring dark blue walls, huge windows, and wooden furniture, it evoked a modern yet relaxed aesthetic..

Since it was a bit cold outside, we tried their deon jang jigae soup and jjam ppong noodles. The soybean soup was very tasty and comforting, while the noodles were beautifully cooked and infused with a lot of fresh, seafood flavour.

Of course, we also tried their version of Korean Fried Chicken. It was definitely delicious – it was quite crispy with the perfect blend of spices.

Lastly, we tried their bulgogi BBQ. It came with lettuce on the side, so we made ourselves tiny, delicious lettuce wraps. 

Fair warning, the taste and experience itself can be quite addicting.

Sadly, we received mussels that weren’t open yet – meaning they weren’t fresh to begin with (we sent them back, of course). Compared to other restaurants, their servings were also a tad smaller. 

Lastly, unlike other restaurants that are open all week, they are closed on Sundays. This is a bit disappointing since most people we know love going out on Sundays.

3.  Kimchi Cult

Kimchi Cult's Homepage

Dishes: Kimchi Burger, Kimchi Cheeseburger, Kimchi Cult Special, Korean Fried Chicken Burger, Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap, Tofu Bibimbap, Veganbap, Gochujang Glaze Fried Chicken, Honey Butter Tofu, Kimchi Cheese Fries


Address: 14 Chancellor St, Glasgow G11 5RQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 141 258 8081

Operating Hours:

  • Tue-Sat: 12–9 PM
  • Sunday: 12–8:30 PM
Google reviews score4.6/5
Facebook reviews score4.5/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Restaurant Staff3.5/5
Prices(A higher score means better value)4.5/5


  • Has been operating for 10 years
  • Offers Korean-style fast food options
  • Unique kimchi recipe
  • Offers gluten-free options


  • Minor food issues
  • Long wait times

The cleverly named Korean restaurant, Kimchi Cult, has been operating for 10 years. They are proud to have contributed to the rising popularity of Korean food in the UK.

Unlike other places which serve traditional Korean fare, they serve Korean-style fast food options, which we love. 

They also pride themselves in having their own delicious and unique kimchi recipe. Apparently, they use a special Jeonju regional recipe that was passed down through generations of Korean matriarchs.

We also appreciate that they offer gluten-free (GF) options. Some popular GF options are their kimchi, tofu bibimbap, coleslaw, and kimchi cheese fries.

We ordered their Korean Fried Chicken, and it was definitely top-notch. In fact, it was arguably the best-tasting Korean Fried Chicken we’ve ever had.

We also had their Kimchi Cult Special Burger, and it was definitely something we would happily order again. The meat was beautifully-cooked, and the other ingredients plus their kimchi elevated its overall taste.

We also highly recommend their honey butter tofu and bibimbap. These dishes were very filling and yummy.

Sadly, we didn’t like their veganbap. We thought it was lacking in flavour.

Also, they need to work on their wait times. It took almost 45 minutes for our orders to arrive, which defeats the purpose of being a fast food-style restaurant.

4. Jay’s Grill Bar 

Jay’s Grill Bar's Homepage

Dishes: Sliced Lamb, Beef, and Pork, Mussels, Crab Sticks, Fish Tofu, Crab, Prawns, Korean Chicken LEg, 28-Day Matured Fillet Steak, Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chops with Onion, Pork Belly in Hot Sauce, Ox Tongue, Korean Chicken Wing, Vegetable Platter


Address: 1365 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AF, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 7784 385648

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 12 PM-10PM

Google reviews score4.4/5
Tripadvisor reviews score4.5/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.63/5
Restaurant Staff3/5
Prices(A higher score means better value)3/5


  • All-you-can-eat Korean-style BBQ & Chinese hotpot meals cooked tableside
  • Well-lit Asian-inspired, contemporary space
  • Has a cute robot cat waiter
  • Competitively-priced
  • Has online deals
  • Delicious 28-day aged meat options


  • Stingy with their seafood options
  • Might be hard to secure a booking

Korean BBQ is a global phenomenon, so of course we had to try a Korean BBQ place. We decided to go to Jay’s Grill Bar, which is an all-you-can-eat Korean-style BBQ and Chinese hotpot place.

We really like the well-lit, Asian-inspired space. Here, you feel like you’re just eating at home with your family, which we think was a nice touch.

What really caught our attention was their robot cat waiter! It serves food trays to customers promptly and efficiently, and we just thought it was so adorable.

We thought their buffet prices were competitively-priced. Their lunch buffet is £26.90/person while dinner is priced at £28.90/person.

Before going here, do take a peek at their Facebook page. Most of the time, they offer special deals, and if you’re lucky, you might save yourself up to 20%.

We loved their 28-day aged meat options: matured fillet steak and sirloin steak. Both types were so flavourful and tender.

For their hotpot, we highly recommend their mushroom soup. It adds a very earthy flavour to the various meats and veggies.

We did feel like they were a bit stingy with their seafood options. After bringing us seafood a couple of times, they suddenly announced they were out of stock, which we felt was a tad dubious.

Also, do book well in advance because they are so popular. You might not get a booking right away. 

5. Seoul Korean BBQ

Seoul Korean BBQ's Homepage

Dishes: Tteok-Bokki, Osam Bulgogi, Salmon Fried Rice, Spicy Salmon, Ham Gim Bap, Jjamppong, Jjangmyeon, Budae-Jjigae, Korean Fried Chicken, Beef Udon, Jap Chae, Cheese Dakggalbi, Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu


Address: 24 Cambridge St, Glasgow G2 3DZ, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 141 332 1591

Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 12 PM–10 PM
  • Fri-Sat: 12 PM–10:30 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM–10 PM
Google reviews score4.7/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.85/5
Restaurant Staff3/5
Prices(A higher score means better value)4.5/5


  • Authentic Korean food and BBQ
  • Open all week
  • Nice, contemporary decor with Asian touches
  • Competitively priced


  • Some issues with food quality
  • Bad service

For authentic Korean food and BBQ experience, we think Seoul Korean BBQ would be your best bet. They are open all week, which is perfect for those whose schedules are crazy full.

We like its nice, contemporary decor with Asian touches. This would be a great place to take your food-loving family or friends.

We noticed that their kimchi was very delicious. It had a hint of sweetness, which made it a perfect companion to some of the dishes we had.

One of these dishes is their jeyuk bokkeum, which we adored. The perfectly-cooked stir-fried pork was paired well with their Korean spicy sauce.

Another dish we loved is their spicy salmon. We felt it was perfectly-seasoned, not overwhelming the delicate and creamy taste of the fresh salmon.

We also thought their kimchi-jeon – Korean pancake – tasted like the real deal.

Compared to other restaurants, we felt their options were competitively-priced. For instance, you can order a large serving of Korean Fried Chicken for only £16.

Surprisingly, their rice was a bit mushy. Also, we felt their gimbap was a bit too bland, and the serving size was tiny.

We were also a bit taken aback with the attitude of their staff. They were a tad dismissive, and we even caught our waitress rolling her eyes at one point.

We hope they work on improving their staff’s attitude since they made us decide not to go back there again.

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