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5 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Aberdeen

5 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Aberdeen 

How We Picked

Legal Services

To give you a clear indication of their capabilities, we checked out their work quality and the selection of legal services they offer. 


The years of experience and the accreditations or recognitions of each law firm were also looked at to help you measure their expertise in personal injury claims.

Work Ethic

To assess each firm’s calibre of service, we took a look at their efficiency and demeanour in handling client requests or issues.

Value for Money

We also rated how reasonable their rates were based on any service inclusions they might have. This will help you decide which firms could offer you the best value for your money.

1. Cycle Law Scotland

Cycle Law Scotland's Homepage

Services: Cycling Accident Claims, Legal Protection, “No Win, No Fee” Basis


Address: Spaces One, Marischal Square, Broad St, Aberdeen AB10 1BL, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 333 555 7783

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5 PM

Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score4.9/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.96/5
Legal Services4/5
>Track Record5/5
>Selection of Services3/5
>Years of Experience5/5
Work Ethic5/5
Value for Money5/5


  • Specialises in cycling-related injuries
  • Will call you back on the same day
  • Offers a ‘no win, no fee’ basis
  • Offers free legal protection
  • Initiates various safety campaigns


  • Limited to cycling accident claims
  • Might take a while to receive compensation

We think Cycle Law Scotland is one of the top personal injury law firms in Aberdeen. It is also reassuring to know that all of its lawyers ride bicycles and have considerable personal experience that will add value and credibility to their servicing.

We are also impressed by their promise of calling back a client on the same day of their inquiry. This speaks volumes about their sense of urgency and understanding of the psychology of a personal injury client.

They also offer a ‘no win, no fee’ payment structure, shielding their clients from any financial risks. After a win, clients will always receive at least 85% of the awarded damages.

This means that they charge only 15%, which is lower than what other firms charge.

In the event of an accident, signed clients receive free specialist legal representation, a replacement helmet, cycle repair, and even medical expenses. We think this is quite a good deal!

We also admire how this firm has been responsible for initiating a number of campaigns to promote road safety. These include Cycle for Carers, Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability, and Near Misses Campaign.

An obvious downside to this firm is they only handle cycling accident claims. For other types of personal injuries such as work accidents or medical negligence, you’d need to hire someone else.

Some clients also mentioned that the firm took a while to settle their claims. However, they did not seem to mind as much since they were quite happy with the results of their case.

2. Andersonbain LLP

Andersonbain LLP Homepage

Services: Personal Injury Claims, Conveyancing, Buying Property, Selling Property, The Home Report, Properties For Sale, Guardianships, Power Of Attorney


Address: 10 Thistle St, Aberdeen AB10 1XZ, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 626244

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5:15 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Trustpilot reviews score4.4/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.56/5
Legal Services4.75/5
>Track Record4.5/5
>Selection of Services5/5
>Years of Experience5/5
Work Ethic3.5/5
Value for Money5/5


  • Full-service firm with a wide range of services
  • Part of the Compensate Personal Injury Network
  • Free and no-obligation assessment of your claim by specialist lawyers
  • No Win, No Fee policy
  • Has access to expert witnesses


  • Reports of rude behaviour of staff
  • Some complaints on lack of responsiveness

Andersonbain LLP is another highly-qualified personal injury law firm in Aberdeen.  It is a full-service firm with a wide range of services that include conveyancing, property issues, guardianships, and executry services.

We think it is great that they are part of the Compensate Personal Injury Network. This is a national network which has been created by solicitors to give their clients the best possible service when handling personal injury claims.

They also offer a free and no-obligation assessment of your personal injury claim by their specialist lawyers. They’d be able to give you an immediate decision on the likely outcome, preventing you from wasting your time if the outlook is not favourable.

As for the payment, they also operate on a No Win, No Fee basis without any hidden costs. As such, clients are protected from any initial financial obligations.

Due to their specialisation, they also have access to various expert witnesses. Since  cases are funded through the network, expert witnesses can be hired to strengthen your case by effectively explaining your loss due to the accident that you’ve experienced.

Sadly, we heard reports of their staff displaying rude behaviour. Clients felt they were being taken for granted, which is disappointing to hear.

They also mentioned the firm’s lack of responsiveness. Even after multiple calls and emails, clients felt that they were being purposefully ignored.

3.  James & George Collie

James & George Collie's Homepage

Services: Personal Injury, Property, Family Law and Employment, Debt Recovery, Executries, Powers of Attorney, Dispute Resolution


Address: 1 E Craibstone St, Aberdeen AB11 6YQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 581581

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Bark reviews score4.5/5
Score consistency5/5
Total Reviews4.73/5
Legal Services4.5/5
>Track Record4/5
>Selection of Services5/5
>Years of Experience5/5
Work Ethic3.5/5
Value for Money3/5


  • Has over 180 years of experience
  • A full service law firm with a very wide range of services
  • Specialises in road traffic accidents
  • Also experts in workplace accidents 
  • Experienced in medical negligence claims


  • A bit pricey
  • Reports of clients being overlooked

First off, we find it highly impressive that James & George Collie has a whopping 180 years of experience under its belt. It means they have been trusted by generations of clients to provide them with solid legal advice.

This is a full-service law firm with a very wide range of services. Aside from personal injury claims, they also offer advice regarding family law, employment, debt recovery, and executries.

In terms of personal injury claims, they specialise in road traffic accidents. They are well-equipped in handling all types of road traffic cases, and they can even submit your claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau in situations where drivers do not have insurance.

They are also experts in workplace accidents. They are experienced in dealing with all types of work accidents such as offshore and construction industries, all types of slip and trip accidents, and injuries from lack of safe systems at work.

Lastly, they are highly-sought after for their expertise in medical negligence claims. However, this area of the law typically requires expert advice from medical experts to establish negligence and to help in measuring the claim’s value.

On the other hand, this firm is said to be pricey. Since they do not have a No Win, No Fee policy, clients would have to pay for their services and expert witnesses if required.

There were also reports of clients feeling like they are being overlooked. This is not uncommon in very large firms, but we hope they do pay attention to all of their clients equally.

4. Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors

Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors' Homepage

Services: Personal Injury Claims, Employer Liability, Public Liability, Property Damage, Motor Claims, Disease


Address: 52-54 Rose St, Aberdeen AB10 1HA, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 1224 408408

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 AM–5:15 PM

Google reviews score3.5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Score consistency4.3/5
Total Reviews4.26/5
Legal Services4/5
>Calibre of Service4/5
>Selection of Services4/5
>Years of Experience4/5
Value for Money4.5/5


  • Handles a wide variety of personal injury claims
  • Has many accreditations and recognitions
  • Has a unique pricing pledge
  • Expert in claims under the Animals (Scotland) Act
  • Also specialises in public liability personal injury claims


  • Reports of being unresponsive
  • Lack of periodic updates

Ledingham Chalmers Solicitors is a well-known and well-trusted personal injury law firm in Aberdeen. This comes as no surprise since they are capable of handling a wide variety of personal injury claims which include disease and motor claims.

Due to their expertise, they managed to garner several accreditations and recognitions which we admire. These include a membership at Lawyers Associated Worldwide and receiving Legal 500’s 2023 Leading Firm Award.

What we like about this firm is that they offer a unique pricing pledge. They can help you come up with a budget, and they can offer you a choice of pricing and payment options such as a fixed price package if possible.

If you are a victim of an animal attack, you’d be happy to know that they are experts in claims under the Animals (Scotland) Act 1987. They might be able to help you receive compensation under said law.

In addition to animal attacks, they also specialise in public liability personal injury claims. If you are injured on public property, you can make a claim on the public liability policy of the owner. 

Sadly, clients have noticed their lack of responsiveness. They said it was really hard to get a timely response to their emails or phone calls.

They also mentioned their lack of periodic updates unlike other firms. Clients did not receive progress reports which made them feel undervalued and anxious.

5. Digby Brown 

Digby Brown's Homepage

Services: Road Traffic Accidents, Serious Injuries, Work Related Injuries, Accident in a Public Place, Clinical Negligence, Accidents Abroad, Historical Abuse


Address: 220 Union St, Aberdeen AB10 1TL, United Kingdom

Contact Details:  +44 333 200 5925

Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Sat-Sun: 12–4 PM
Google reviews score4.3/5
Trustpilot reviews score4.7/5
Score consistency4.6/5
Total Reviews4.53/5
Legal Services4.75/5
>Track Record4.5/5
>Selection of Services5/5
>Years of Experience5/5
Work Ethic4.5/5
Value for Money3/5


  • Has been helping people for over 100 years
  • Award-winning law firm
  • Open all week
  • Covers a wide range of personal injury claims
  • Impressive portfolio of successful claims
  • No Win, No Fee payment structure


  • Comparatively pricier
  • Reports of payment mix-ups

We find it impressive that Digby Brown has been helping people for over 100 years. They seem to be quite well-trusted and well-known by the local community.

It’s no wonder they received various industry awards which we appreciate. For instance, they won the Scottish Legal Awards for 2022’s Firm of the Year, 2021’s Litigation Team of the Year, and 2020’s CSR Firm of the Year.

Unlike other firms, this one is actually open seven days a week. This is great news for those with busy schedules or those only available during weekends.

In addition, this firm covers a wide range of personal injury claims. Some of them include road traffic accidents, serious injuries, and work-related injuries.

If you want proof of their effectiveness, you can simply browse through their portfolio of successful claims. 

For instance, they managed to secure £150,000 in damages for a cyclist after a car crash, and they also helped secure £25,000 for a pedestrian who was hit by a bus.

Clients also love and appreciate their No Win, No Fee payment structure. This helps those who cannot afford their services to begin with.

Due to their expertise, however, their cut from wins is a bit higher. They take a 20% one-off payment while others take only 15%.

We also heard reports of payment mix-ups wherein a £500+vat for full representation were charged instead of the advertised £300+vat. Moving forward, we hope they advise their clients of any payment changes beforehand to avoid these misunderstandings.

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