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15 Reasons Why You Should Study in Dundee

15 Reasons Why You Should Study in Dundee

You are thinking about places to pursue your higher education, eh? Let me tell you: Dundee is a real hidden gem located on the east coast of Scotland, offering a combo of top-rated universities, a lively student community, and an enviable lifestyle.

We’ve gathered the top reasons why Dundee should be zooming up to the top of your study destination list, so read on!

Dundee’s universities rank highly globally

Dundee's universities rank highly globally

Dundee’s universities rank quite impressively! The University of Dundee, for instance, ranked 26th based on the Daily Mail universities ranking for the UK and 30th in the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) Golden Age University Rankings.

And when it comes to Abertay University, it’s hailed as Europe’s top video game university. So not only do you get a top-tier education in Dundee, but you also join the ranks of accomplished professionals and alumni who’ve walked the same halls.

Dundee universities offer diverse programs

Dundee universities offer diverse programs

Now, let’s chat about what really keeps your wheels turning—the wide range of programs you can dive into at Dundee’s universities. You’re not limited to specific fields of study here; in fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

From subjects like law, medicine, and the arts to cutting-edge fields such as digital tech, game design, and renewable energy, Dundee’s universities have something for everyone. Trust me when I say you can let your passions run wild here!

Universities here prioritise student wellbeing and success

Universities here prioritise student wellbeing and success

Dundee’s universities are all about ensuring their students thrive—and not just academically. A strong support network eases the journey for international and local students alike, so you’ll never feel adrift during your time here.

And hey, let’s not forget about the social aspect of things. In Dundee, extracurricular activities and clubs are in full swing, and you’ll often find yourself juggling the academic side of things like TEDx talks, sports, or photography clubs.

Dundee boasts high teaching standards

Dundee boasts high teaching standards

Okay, so by now, I’ve probably convinced you that Dundee is a great place for the overall student experience. But let’s not forget the most crucial aspect of your educational venture: stellar teaching standards!

Here in Dundee, professors are not only passionate about their subject matter but also skilled in crafting engaging and dynamic lectures. Plus, they’re all about fostering a genuinely interactive classroom experience.

There’s a high employability rate post-graduation here

There's a high employability rate post-graduation here

One of the main reasons to invest in higher education is to boost career prospects. For instance, based on the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey by the HESA, 64.5% of Dundee’s graduate students were employed 15 months after graduating.

Moreover, career planning starts early on in your university journey. With a solid support system in place, you’ll have access to internship opportunities, guidance on building your CV, and even practise for interviews.

It has a leading edge in various research disciplines

It has a leading edge in various research disciplines

If there’s a cutting-edge development happening in the academic world, somewhere, somehow, a Dundee researcher is right in the thick of things!

Here, research isn’t just concentrated in a handful of fields; it’s happening across a whole range of disciplines! Whether you’re into advanced technology, social sciences, or environmental studies, you’ll find plenty of ways to get in on the action.

You can dive into Dundee’s cultural and historical richness

You can dive into Dundees cultural and historical richness

Now, academics and research aside, Dundee is also rich in history and culture, and honestly, there’s something so fascinating about being here. From its maritime past to its role in Scotland’s Industrial Revolution, Dundee is full of historical nuggets.

And while history is fascinating, let’s not forget about culture too! Dundee is a treasure trove of live music, art galleries, and incredible foodie finds.

Dundee offers a vibrant, student-friendly environment

Dundee offers a vibrant, student-friendly environment

Dundee truly has a knack for making students feel right at home. Student life here is a beautifully woven mix of academics, social activities, and unforgettable experiences.

The locals are some of the friendliest folks you’ll meet here, and they sure love students. The closeness of the campuses, the myriad of student-friendly venues and events, and the overall community spirit—all add up to Dundee being a great city.

It has an affordable cost of living 

It has an affordable cost of living

The tag of student living often comes with hefty price tags, especially when you’re studying in a bustling city. But Dundee, in fact, offers an affordable environment for students in the UK.

And by ‘affordable’, we don’t mean you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. You get comfy and cost-effective housing, economical transportation, and even eating out won’t tear holes in your wallet.

The city houses picturesque landscapes and historic architecture

The city houses picturesque landscapes and historic architecture

Dundee is a dream come true for lovers of beauty and history. It is a postcard-perfect array of rolling countryside, historic architecture, and a pretty cityscape.

Not to mention, Dundee’s architecture tells the tale of a city that’s borne witness to centuries of change. You’ll find ancient castles, historic churches, Victorian mills, and sleek modern designs all sharing the same skyline!

Universities offer a real-world experience during your studies

Universities offer a real world experience during your studies

Hey, let’s chat about Dundee’s knack for grafting real-world experience onto your studies. Dundee’s universities inject practical experience right into your study timeline.

It’s all about connecting the dots between your studies and life beyond university! You get to roll up your sleeves, interact with industries, engage with projects and internships, and gain a bag full of experiences that put your theoretical knowledge to the test.

There’s a multicultural environment that widens your horizons

There's a multicultural environment that widens your horizons

One of the fascinating things about studying in Dundee is jumping headfirst into its pot of cultures! This city draws in students from a myriad of backgrounds, languages, and experiences, creating an energising kaleidoscope of societies and cultures.

And the funny thing is, while you get to learn so much about the world, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself in the process too!

Dundee’s location provides natural exploration opportunities

Dundee’s location provides natural exploration opportunities

Ever heard of taking a break from studies with a side of nature and exploration? That’s just another day in Dundee for you!

Blessed with gorgeous highlands, stunning coastlines, and beautiful green spaces, this city is a paradise for nature lovers. Do yourself a favour, take a break from your books, and let nature’s tranquillity refresh your mind every now and then.

The city has an array of sports for active lifestyle seekers

The city has an array of sports for active lifestyle seekers

I can’t forget to mention that Dundee loves its sports and loves sharing that passion with its students. So, if you’re a fan of an active lifestyle (or just want to pick up a new pastime), you’re in the right place!

Here’s the best part: Dundee caters to all levels of interest and expertise. The city is chock-full of facilities for football, rugby, cricket, swimming, running, and, heck, even ice sports!

Dundee offers a well-rounded, enjoyable student life

Dundee offers a well rounded enjoyable student life

Okay, let’s wrap this up with the golden truth: student life in Dundee is a total blast! While this city is serious about its commitment to top-quality education, it doesn’t forget to dial up the ‘fun’ quotient.

Well, you have here societies, events, music gigs, food festivals—even silent discos! Honestly, if you’re worried about missing out on memorable university life, Dundee will put that fear to rest before you can even say ‘freshers’ week’!

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