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Edinburgh’s 6 Nightclubs That’ll Make You Want to Keep on Dancing

Edinburgh’s 6 Nightclubs That’ll Make You Want to Keep on Dancing

I’ve had my share of “oops, wrong turn” discoveries that led me into nights filled with lights and bass drops—it’s like I’m in the middle of a flash mob (the good one, of course!). Only, I’m not dancing to impress on TikTok, but because the DJ just gets me.

And before you start thinking, “Nope! I’ll just stick to the sidelines and appreciate the architecture or whatever,” let me tell you something. Edinburgh’s nightclubs are more inviting than a cosy bed on a rainy day—yep, it made me leave mine to party!

So, now check out our guide to the most electrify-the-soul nightclubs that made even a reserved traveller like me shake a leg—or, you know, attempt to twerk.

La Belle Angele 

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Address: 11 Hastie’s Cl.

Contact details: +44 131 220 1161

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 7 PM to 3 AM

Cost: £-££

La Belle Angele is where you go when you want less blah and more ta-da in your nightlife. You’ve got everything, from live music that slaps to club nights where your feet just won’t quit.

The line-up here is a jenga tower of the good stuff—indie, rock, hip-hop, and some electronica to shake things up. So if you’re all about variety and a space that’ll get your Instagram followers double-tapping your night out, La Belle’s your jam.

Pro tip: La Belle Angele is a hotspot for themed nights and special events, so always, and I mean always, check their social media before heading out. Plus, they often have early bird tickets for bigger events; snagging one of these can save you a few quids.

The Street 

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Address: 2b Picardy Pl.

Contact details: +44 131 556 4272

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 12 PM to 1 AM
  • Friday and Saturday – 12 PM to 3 AM

Cost: £-££

Situated in Picardy Place, The Street is part bar, part club, and all fun. Downstairs is where it’s at—think DJs spinning tracks that’ll have you saying, “Oh, that’s my song! ”every five minutes.

While the upstairs bar is perfect for those chill-out chats in between boogying, It’s LGBTQ+ friendly, which means everyone’s welcome to strut their stuff.

And if you get peckish, their kitchen serves up mean grub—think nachos, toasties, fries and some vegan options—that’s a lifesaver if you’ve been pre-drinking.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to check out their event calendar. The Street knows how to throw a themed party that’s worth popping in for. 

Sneaky Pete’s 


Address: 73 Cowgate

Contact details: +44 131 225 1757

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 7 PM to 3 AM

Cost: £-££

Sneaky Pete’s is sort of an institution, a not-so-hidden gem on Cowgate. It’s small, sure, but mighty in spirit, and probably the best buddy a live music fan can have.

You’re brushing shoulders with everyone here, and the place packs out quickly. Indie bands, electronic sets, up-and-coming artists—you name it, Sneaky’s hosts it.

Pro tip: Make sure you arrive early if you don’t fancy queuing, seriously. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for ticketed gigs—buy in advance, thank me later.

PDT Please Don’t Tell 


Address: 23b Shandwick Pl.

Contact details: +44 131 228 2193

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 10 PM to 3 AM
  • Friday and Saturday – 8 PM to 3 AM

Cost: ££

PDT, Please Don’t Tell, is like your best-kept secret, except it’s a nightclub. Tucked away on Shandwick Place, this spot gives you major speakeasy vibes without the password hassle.

Inside, it’s all about craft cocktails that actually taste as good as they look and DJs spinning tracks that keep the place buzzing till late. It’s cosy, it’s intimate, and it’s where you go when you want to chat up with friends without shouting over the music.

And if you’re the competitive type, they also have those dancing stages, kind of like those you’d find at arcades, so you can have mini-dance competitions before hitting the actual dance floor.

Pro tip: If you’re planning on going as a group and really want to nail it, book a table in advance. And, make sure you check their Instagram account for event updates, as they sometimes host popular celebrities like Drake!

4042 | Late Night Liquor 


Address: 40-42 Grindlay St.

Contact details: [email protected] 

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Thursday – 6 PM to 3 AM
  • Friday and Saturday – 5 PM to 3 AM
  • Sunday – 9 PM to 3 AM

Cost: £-££

4042 | Late Night Liquor is a bit like your friend who’s all about good vibes and making sure everyone’s having a blast. They’ve got a slick collection of liquor to get the night rolling, but that’s just the start.

If you’re thinking it’s just another spot to nod your head to the music, think again. 4042 steps it up with bar games to keep you and your friends entertained. 

We’re talking pingpong tables that see more action than a tennis court at Wimbledon. And if you feel like flexing those brain muscles, they sometimes get a pub quiz.

Pro tip: Remember to get there early on weekends to grab a good spot. The place fills up fast, especially when they’ve got live DJs.

The Mash House 


Address: 37 Guthrie St.

Contact details:  +44 131 220 2514

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 11 PM to 3 AM

Cost: £-££

The Mash House is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Nestled on Guthrie Street, this multi-level nightclub-meets-live music venue is all about giving you that perfect night out with a banging sound system. 

From indie rock to electronic funk, the place serves it all on a platter. What’s cool is that each floor has its own vibe, so if you’re not feeling a DJ on one level, another might just be spinning your jam. 

It’s unpretentious, packed with energy, and yep, the drinks don’t disappoint either.

Pro tip: Make sure you check out their lineup online before you go; they occasionally have early bird prices for some of their more popular gigs, which is a steal for live music.

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