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9 Reasons Why We Love Living in Kirkcaldy

Reasons Why We Love Living in Kirkcaldy

Most people know Kirkcaldy as the place where the world-famous social philosopher and economist, Adam Smith, was born.

But there’s more to this town than just historical trivia! Located in Fife, Kirkcaldy is a mini-town with wonderful activities and things to see.

In this article, we’re sharing with you why we love living in Kirkcaldy. Read on to learn more!

What is it like living in Kirkcaldy?

Kirkcaldy boasts lower cost of living, a stable job market, plenty of school options, a good transportation system, friendly locals and several amenities ideal for living. 

9 Reasons Why We Love Living in Kirkcaldy

1. You don’t need a lot of money to maintain a decent lifestyle.

You don't need a lot of money to maintain a decent lifestyle
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Although it’s apparent that many areas in the UK can provide quality amenities, Kirkcaldy offers the same. The only difference is, our town has a cheaper cost of living (£933) that can still help you maintain a decent lifestyle. 

We love how we can easily access the leisure centre, enjoy the green spaces and eat a hearty meal at various restaurants without breaking the bank. 

Plus, there are also plenty of free things to do in Kirkcaldy! Among these are visiting Kirkcaldy Galleries, Ravenscraig Park and Wemyss Caves. 

What’s more is that we can still enjoy swimming, dancing, trampolining and gymnastics despite our busy schedules. There’s also a huge public library where we can read fiction, non-fiction, resources and local family history. 

2. The sense of community is wonderful.

The sense of community is wonderful
Photo from VisitScotland

We have very welcoming and heart-warming locals. In fact, we’re widely known for our hospitality!

We’re very approachable, especially to tourists visiting our area. We usually provide them tips and directions on how to get around town. 

We’re also amicable to other nationalities that aren’t used yet to the way of life here in Kirkcaldy. So, if you’re a newbie here, fear not, because we’ll help you along the way!

Aside from these charming characteristics, we also have special events like Langtoun Jazz Festival and Artisan Fridays Market where you can socialise with us and meet other non-locals like you, too.

3. It’s a great neighbourhood to raise kids.

It's a great neighbourhood to raise kids
Photo by Hermann from Pixabay

Since we mentioned that our town is friendly, it’s also an ideal place to raise our kids. 

If you have a young family, the town’s got you covered! Kirkcaldy has over 27 schools to choose from, whether you’re looking for a pre-school or a secondary school.

On the other hand, if your kids are already young adults, Kirkaldy has options for higher education too! Fife College and University of Dundee are the top-tier schools right at your doorstep.

With that said, we don’t need to travel to other towns/cities anymore to get quality education.

4. It’s dog-friendly. 

It’s dog-friendly
Photo from Pixabay

If you’ve got a furry member in your family, we also got you covered with their leisure needs! There are plenty of pathways in Kirkcaldy to take them for a stroll like the Labralion, The Raith Woods, The Harbour at Dysart and Pathhead Sands. 

5. You don’t need a car to get around.

You don't need a car to get around
Photo by Abey Koshy from Unsplash

Don’t own a car? There are plenty of buses and trains that you can conveniently access in town. You can even buy a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly pass for huge discounts and more savings!

What’s more convenient is our trains are connected to Edinburgh Waverley, Perth and Dundee, so it’s easier for us to travel back and forth. Plus, we’re just less than an hour away from these cities!

6. There’s a great selection of shops and restaurants.

There's a great selection of shops and restaurants
Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

We’ve got plenty of options for all your essential grocery needs such as Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsbury’s. 

Morrisons is popular for their healthy and affordable fruits and vegetable prices, Aldi for their cheaper wines and Sainsbury’s for their high-quality food and competitive pricing.  

There’s also the popular Kirkcaldy Indoor market which is another one-stop-shop in our town. They sell beddings, curtains, and even hot plate food that can cater to your needs.

Plus, a good number of restaurants can serve you as well here, particularly in the Merchant’s Square! Among the top-tier ones are Home Farm View and Cafe Continental. 

Home Farm View serves grilled dishes, while Cafe Continental is, of course, respected for their mouth-watering coffee that many of us go back to!

If you walk around this square, you’ll see lots of cafes, gift shops and clothing stores. So, whether you’re just here for a visit or for permanent living, there’s really more you can do in Kirkcaldy!

7. It’s quiet and serene.

It's quiet and serene
Photo from VisitScotland

Although our area is quite near the buzzing Edinburgh and Dundee, Kirkcaldy is a quiet town. Actually, it’s one of the reasons why foreigners keep coming back to our town!

We love how we can bask in nature and appreciate the surroundings just by walking around Kirkcaldy.

8. The Victorian houses are a must-see.

The Victorian ahouses are a must-see
Photo from WelcometoFife

Although some roads in Kirkcaldy are steep and might give you a hard time if you own a car, the Victorian houses around town will compensate for that. 

Its colour palette, structure and overall design are a visual to the eyes. So, if you’re an art enthusiast, you might also love it here!

However, there are also cons here. Driving around town or even to your home can be troublesome due to steepy roads.

Nevertheless, most of us still favour owning a car for easy access to areas in Kirkcaldy and other cities. 

9. There are lots of indoor activities available in Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre. 

There are lots of indoor activities available in Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre
Photo by Survivor from Pixabay

If you’re into sports or just want to keep your body moving, we’ve got you covered too in Kirkcaldy! 

Our leisure centre offers swimming pools and a gym. There’s also a huge sports hall and aerobic studio inside, which is perfect for any physical activities you wish to do.

With that said, whichever way you want to stay active, you can find everything here in our town!

Fun Facts about Kirkcaldy 

Fun Facts about Kirkcaldy
Photo from WelcometoFife
  • Kirkcaldy used to be the Linoleum Capital of the World and was a wealthy town until the 1960s
  • The name Kirkcaldy originates from three Brythonic words: caer (“fort”) caled “hard” and din (“hill”). When combined, it means ‘Fort on the hard hill’.
  • Kirkcaldy has a total population of 50,370 people.
  • Kirkcaldy’s locals are called Langtonians. It came from ‘Lang Toun’ which used to be the town’s nickname from the 16th to the 17th century. 
  • Adam Smith, Gordon Brown and David Steele are famous people from Kirkcaldy.
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