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Top 14 Reasons Why You Should Visit Scottish Borders

Top 14 Reasons Why You Should Visit Scottish Borders

Tucked away in the southern part of Scotland, the Borders are a hidden gem—a place where millennia-old stories meet modern comforts.

Unusual compared to the conventional image of Scotland—free of the mob of selfie-stick-totting crowds of Edinburgh—the Borders offer a 100% authentic experience. So read on, as we’ve listed down the top reasons why you should visit here!

The Scottish Borders is full of gorgeous hills, valleys, and coastlines


The hills here in Borders are just magnificent—no joke. You’ll find yourself surrounded by lush, green rolling hills that seem to stretch on forever.

Oh, and the coastlines—you gotta see them. The Scottish Borders boast some of the most incredible coastlines, with dramatic cliffs, picturesque beaches, and quaint fishing villages.

The Melrose Abbey here is worth checking out

Melrose Abbey was founded in the 12th century, and trust me, wandering around this place is like walking back in time. The place is full of impressive architecture and delicate carvings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also climb up the narrow, spiral stairs to the top to see Melrose and the gorgeous surroundings. After your visit to Melrose Abbey, you can also explore the town to grab a bite.

There’s a lot of stunning ancient architecture at Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey is a gorgeous 12th-century Augustinian monastery that has some seriously beautiful features. The Abbey itself might be in ruins, but don’t let that fool you since there’s still so much to see and learn here.

And don’t forget to stop by the museum, where you’ll find all sorts of fascinating artifacts related to life during the heyday of the Abbey. Take your time exploring—you never know what you might unearth!

The Borders region has historical significance

The Scottish Borders aren’t just about picture-perfect landscapes; they’re also full of history! You won’t believe all the tales of kings and queens, battles, and legends that have played out in the Borders region over the centuries.

This place has been the scene of numerous skirmishes between England and Scotland, so naturally, you’ll find ancient castles and fortified towns dotting the region. 

You’ll also find a lot of amazing cultural history here, like abbeys, stately homes, and some great poets.

The Glentress Forest offers hiking and biking routes

If you’re an adventure lover like me, then Glentress Forest is right up your alley—or should I say trail? This amazing spot is the go-to place for bikers and hikers looking to explore the great outdoors in the Scottish Borders.

The mountain biking here is next level, with over 50 miles of world-class singletrack trails. Glentress Forest is home to some fantastic walking trails, too, so you’ll get to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the forest while getting a good workout.

It has beautiful rivers like the Tweed River and the Teviot River

When it comes to beautiful rivers in the Scottish Borders, you can’t go past the Tweed and the Teviot. These rivers showcase some of the most stunning scenery in the region and also provide countless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

The River Tweed is a bit of a big deal around here; it’s not just because it’s the longest river in the Borders, but it’s also home to some world-famous salmon fishing spots. Then we’ve got the Teviot River, a picture-perfect spot for anyone who loves to paddle!

The Hoebridge here offers traditional Scottish cuisine

If you fancy trying some traditional Scottish fare, you gotta check out this place called The Hoebridge. This local gem, tucked away in the quaint town of Gattonside, is all about good food and good vibes.

The Hoebridge takes traditional Scottish dishes and gives them a new, modern twist. We’re talkin’ succulent lamb with minted peas, haggis spring rolls, and fresh seafood dishes, not to forget the desserts.

St. Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve is a wildlife paradise

First of all, if you’re a fan of hiking, St. Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve is your best bet. The trails here take you along the coastline, across grasslands, and up onto the cliffs—you know, for those top-notch, Instagram-worthy views.

With the wildlife here—between the seabird population and the marine life—you could spend all day just spotting different species. It’s also the perfect spot for casual birdwatchers and amateur naturalists.

The Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course offers luxury and great view

The Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course is all sorts of wow, like kicking back in a cosy, historic mansion after a day packed with exploring. You get super comfy beds, top-quality linens, and all the amenities you need.

And let’s not overlook the golf bit. Nestled amidst beautiful parkland, it’s a dreamy locale to tee off, no matter your skill level.

It is home to the serene beach of Coldingham Bay

Picture this: golden sand, blue water, and a serene vibe that’ll make you sigh with delight. Whether you fancy building sandcastles, joining in a friendly game of beach rugby, or simply relaxing, Coldingham Bay is perfect for all kinds of beach lovers.

And for you adventurous souls, there’s a bit of a bonus: surfing! That’s right! You can jump on a board and catch some waves because Coldingham Bay is a popular spot with surfers.

Berwickshire Coastal offers a driving path with great views

If you’ve got a thing for scenic drives, you absolutely cannot miss the Berwickshire Coastal Path. Trust me, the views from this drive are legitimately jaw-dropping.

This spectacular winding road takes you along the coastline, over rolling farmland, through small fishing villages, and past historic castles. We’re talking sweeping seascapes, ports, and even a seal or dolphin popping up from the water if you’re lucky!

The Pettico Wick Bay here has a great walking path

If you fancy a walk that’s a little out of the ordinary—and when I say ‘out of the ordinary,’ I mean absolutely fabulous—then let me introduce you to the cliff path of Pettico Wick Bay. You can thank me later!

This path unravels along the edge of Pettico Wick Bay, offering insane views of the sort you just can’t get enough of. Whether you’re a fan of walks or you’re just after that perfect coastal shot, the cliff path here totally delivers.

It is home to the splendid St. Abbs Head Lighthouse

The St. Abbs Head Lighthouse isn’t just your run-of-the-mill beacon; it’s got history and stunning sea views. This epic white tower, standing tall at the clifftops, is an iconic part of the Scottish Borders’ skyline.

Seriously, it’s like casting yourself as the lead in a sea adventure movie—you, the lighthouse keeper, braving the elements, guiding the ships to safety. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but you get what I mean!

It offers seafood restaurants like Ebbcarrs Cafe


Address: Harbour, St Abbs, Eyemouth TD14 5PW, United Kingdom 

Contact details: +44 1890 771302 

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM

As you probably know, you can’t visit a coastal area like St. Abbs without digging into some fresh seafood, eh? And for that, let me introduce you to a little gem called Ebbcarrs Cafe.

The menu at Ebbcarrs Cafe is all about seafood—from classic fish and chips to full-blown seafood platters—and trust me, they can cook up a mean seafood dish. They don’t just serve good food; they pair it with great service and a cool, laid-back vibe too.

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