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15 Reasons Why Aberdeen Is a Must-Visit

15 Reasons Why Aberdeen Is a Must-Visit

Have you heard about Aberdeen, that sparkling granite gem of Scotland? Well, let me tell you: our city has it all, from historical university halls, golden beaches, festivals, and snow slopes that don’t wait for winter to friendly locals just waiting to share a laugh.

We’ve rounded up the top reasons why you absolutely, undoubtedly need to put Aberdeen on your must-visit list. So read on and uncover what makes this city a brilliant Scottish star!

It is home to the 500-year-old University of Aberdeen

Let’s begin with the University of Aberdeen, folks. Yeah, it’s 500 years old—that’s not a typo and this isn’t just your ordinary university; it’s a bona fide time capsule.

Walking through the King’s College campus is like striding through five centuries of history that’s way too cool for school. Don’t even get me started on the Sir Duncan Rice Library; it’s like a spaceship nestled amidst a historical landscape.

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum lets you dive into marine lore

Aberdeen Maritime Museum is like a sailor’s dream come true (minus the scurvy). Think shipbuilding, fishing, and, of course, the North Sea oil industry.

The museum offers a panoramic view of the bustling harbour too. You can stand there, a cup of locally brewed coffee in hand, and watch massive ships cruise by.

It houses the sixth oldest golf course in the world

Royal Aberdeen Golf Club is the 6th oldest golf course in the world! With its breathtaking view of the North Sea and challenging fairways, it’s no wonder the club has hosted major professional and amateur competitions.

It’s not all about being Tiger Woods, though. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or still figuring out which end of the club to hold, you’re going to love it here.

Its Dee and Don River valleys offer a good hike

Now, you can’t come to Scotland and not go for a good hike. The Dee and Don River valleys are perfect for this.

Fresh air, glorious greenery, wildlife sightings, and, if you’re lucky, your very own episode of Outlander (sans hunky Scotsman, though. Sorry!). Come rain or shine, these trails are perfect for unwinding and escaping the city’s hustle.

You can dip your toes into Aberdeen’s music scene with the Aberdeen Jazz Festival. Think soulful melodies floating on a Scottish breeze while you sip some locally brewed ale.

There are elements of blues, funk, and all manner of cross-over sounds flowing through the streets of Aberdeen during this festival. Whether it’s swaying to a smooth saxophone or some lively fusion, you’re in for a treat.

The Aberdeen Distillery lets you taste Scottish whiskies

Aberdeen is your golden ticket for a magical ‘water of life’ experience (that’s whisky for our non-Gaelic speakers!) – particularly the Aberdeen Distillery.

Being an artisan distillery, these guys don’t just churn out whisky. They create a story in a glass, an adventure—whether you’re a whisky enthusiast or a rookie, the distillery’s guided tour and tasting experience is fabulous.

The Borders beckon with the tranquillity of Aberdeen Beach 

The golden strips of Aberdeen Beach are perfect for a lazy afternoon, and the cherry on top is the amazing sunsets lighting up the sea.

With some tasty seaside cuisine served up at the shoreline cafes, your taste buds will go on their own merry little adventure. And hey, if chilling by the ocean gets a bit ‘too chill’ for you, there are some terrific water sports on offer.

It’s rich in history and culture

Aberdeen isn’t just about the refreshing outdoors; it’s packed full of history and culture, too. For instance, the St. Andrew Cathedral is a testament to that, and even if you’re not super into religious art, this place is worth a look-see.

Its stained glass and architecture are both astonishing! Plus, the history attached to this cathedral will give you some serious ‘did-you-know’ moments.

It houses Europe’s largest indoor gardens

The David Welch Winter Gardens are Europe’s largest indoor gardens, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by a whole new world. I’m talking palm trees, banana plants, and vibrant colours bursting around every corner. 

Anyone looking for a bit of tranquillity or simply a break from the urban noise will love this place. Koi-filled ponds, lush foliage, and a beautiful butterfly house await to mesmerise you. 

It’s a great place to shop

For all the shopaholics out there, Aberdeen has Union Square for you. This place houses both international and local brands, charming stores, and a fantastic selection of food hubs.

So, if you’re in the mood for some retail therapy or simply want to grab a bite, Union Square should be at the top of your list. And hey, don’t miss the farmers market for some local fresh produce!

Aberdeen Harbour is perfect for dolphin spotting

Think of when was the last time you saw dolphins in a harbour, ‘cause in my case, I can’t remember. But here’s the kicker: Aberdeen Harbour is a regular hangout for these playful creatures.

You can spot them twirling their way around the harbour, and it’s truly a sight to behold. Amazement takes on a whole new meaning when you’re gazing at these creatures in their natural habitat.

The Adventure Aberdeen Snowsports’ offers snow slopes

Adventure Aberdeen Snowsports’ faux-snow slopes are a haven for cold adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just trying out your first pair of ski boots, this place has terrain for everyone.

The best part is that there’s no need to wait for the snow to fall. The all-weather ski and snowboarding slopes give you the perfect excuse for some ‘chilled’ fun all year round.

The Scottish Borders boast the famed Cullen Skink

We’ve got quite the mix here in Aberdeen; from beachfront getaways to snowy adventures, we’ve got it all. Above all, though, we’ve got food—’Cullen Skink’, the comfort soup loved by Aberdonians and tourists alike.

And where better to sample this seafood deliciousness than The Silver Darling? Overlooking the harbour, this restaurant serves up Cullen Skink just the way it should be (creamy, hearty, and filled with tastes of the sea).

The International Comedy Festival can make you laugh hard

Aberdeen sure knows how to entertain, and you should get ready for a healthy dose at the International Comedy Festival. This fun festival is for all those who love a good laugh.

The city comes alive with humour and performers from around the globe. From stand-up gigs to comedy workshops, it’s one hilarious ride.

To finish off our grand Aberdeen tour, let’s soak up some culture. Go and pack your creative canvas and catch a glimpse of some brilliant local and international art at the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

From sculpture to photography, this place has something to spark the inner artist in everyone. Even if you’re not much for art, stepping inside this restored Victorian building can be quite an experience.

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