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20 Best Pumpkin Picking Patches in Scotland

20 Best Pumpkin Picking Patches in Scotland

When the autumn (Best Autumn Walks Scotland) leaves start falling, you know it’s time to go for some pumpkin picking. No one’s too old or too young to do this activity because it’s been a Scottish tradition every time fall (Best City To Visit In Scotland During Fall) rolls around.

Just for you, we handpicked the best pumpkin-picking patches in Scotland. Run through our list here!

1. Cairnie Fruit Farm


Facebook: Cairnie Fruit Farm

Address: Cairnie, Cupar, KY15 4QD, UK

Contact details: +44 133 465 5610

Operating hours: 10 AM – 4:30 PM daily


  • Pumpkin Patch Morning/Afternoon Pass: £1.50 per person
  • Kids under 3 years old: Free

With over 12,000 pumpkins every October, the Cairnie Fruit Farm is one of the best pumpkin-picking spots in Scotland. For the past 24 years, they’ve been showcasing this fruit in various sizes, shapes and colours.

Take note that tickets to the pumpkin patch should be booked online ahead of time before your visit.

Pro tip:

Apart from pumpkin picking, there are many fun activities to try on the farm like having a picnic and riding the pull-along tractor ride which is for free.

2. Valley View Adventure Park


Facebook: Valley View at Goulding’s

Address: Lanark Rd, Rosebank, Carluke, ML8 5QA, UK

Contact details: +44 155 586 0259

Operating hours: 10 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Pumpkin picking: £1.50-£2 per person
  • Children under 1-year-old: Free

Situated in the majestic Clyde Valley, the Valley View Adventure Park is a family-run business that’s known as a pumpkin-picking spot among locals. They offer 1.5-hour sessions for this activity, complete with carving stations and photo booths.

They also have 20 attractions like a barrel train, foot golf, and maize maze. On top of that, they have a restaurant, a soft play area, and a gift shop – so you won’t run out of things to do when you visit!

Pro tip:

Bear in mind that it can be a wee pricey here since the entry tickets do not include a few coin-operated attractions. You’ll need to bring coins so your kids can play in the crazy golf, quads, nature trail, and bumper boats.

3. Craigie’s Farm Deli and Cafe


Facebook: Craigie’s Farm Shop and Cafe

Address: West Craigie Farm, Queensferry, EH30 9AR, UK

Contact details: +44 131 319 1048

Operating hours: 9 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Adults – £3-£4
  • Kids – £1.50-£2 

Found near the heart of Edinburgh, Craigie’s Farm Deli and Cafe allows you to pick your own pumpkins and other fruits like strawberries and plums, during autumn and spring respectively.

Aside from pumpkin picking, the farm sells various products like milk and dairy products, vegetables, and local gins and beers. Your kids can even have a more exciting time in their play area and once they’re beat, you can take a break at the on-site cafe.

Pro tip:

When you go to their cafe, we recommend their delectable cheese scones. They also have great toasted sandwiches, good coffee, and sweet cakes.

4. Broadslap Fruit Farm


Facebook: Broadslap Fruit Farm

Address: Dunning, Perth, PH2 0QL, UK

Contact details: +44 173 873 0242

Operating hours: 9 AM – 5 PM daily

Price: No entry fee, pay for what pumpkin you picked

Although Broadslap Fruit Farm is mainly known for its bountiful selection of berries, it’s also a great spot to go pumpkin picking in autumn. They also mount a Pumpkin Festival during this time of the year.

Carving competitions and best-dressed family contests are done every Halloween weekend which makes the visit even more memorable. You’ll also find a gift shop and cafe on the site.

Pro tip:

Our favourites at the cafe are their fruit scone with strawberry jam; and cranberry flatbread, which was delicious and served piping hot.

5. South Ardbennie Farm & Pumpkin Patch


Facebook: South Ardbennie Farm

Address: Madderty, Crieff, PH7 3PT, UK

Contact details: +44 176 468 3249

Operating hours: Always open

Price: £8.50 per car

Located in Perthshire, the South Ardbennie Farm has been a popular spot for winter wheat and spring field beans since the 1980s. But in 2019, they opened a pumpkin patch, and now offer over 4,000 options to choose from.

Every October, they hold a joyous festival that includes the classic pumpkin picking with some pizza and toasted marshmallows for sale. If you’re not ready to go home just yet, they have glamping pods on the farm where you can stay with your family or friends.

Pro tip:

To roast our marshmallows, we had to walk a bit through a field until we reached a fire pit. Oh, also, your kiddos might love to play some swing ball and space hoppers while you’re here.

6. Westerton Farmers


Facebook: Westerton Farmers

Address: Westerton of Pitarrow, Laurencekirk, AB30 1RT, UK

Contact details: +44 156 132 0623

Operating hours: Always open

Price: £5 per car

Westerton Farmers is a family business that’s known for its sustainable practices, including the use of renewable energy on their farm. They have a Spud Hut that sells organic products and a pumpkin patch often flocked with families in October.

What’s more, they have a big bale maze, a pedal tractor pit, and a face-painting booth that’s perfect for both kids and kids at heart – we’re never too old to have some fun!

Pro tip:

If you plan to buy in the Spud Hut, we recommend you bring your eco-bag since they don’t have plastic bags, only paper ones. 

7. Kilduff Farm


Facebook: Kilduff Farm

Address: Kilduff Farm Dream, North Berwick, EH39 5BD, UK

Contact details: +44 779 360 0289

Operating hours: Always open


  • Standard session (1 car) – £6
  • ASN session (1 car) – £6
  • Little pumpkin pickers session (1 car) – £10

Situated in the heart of East Lothian, the Kilduff Farm is a great place to pick some pumpkins during autumn. Offering 9 pumpkin varieties, their patch was established in 2018 and has been a go-to for locals since.

What we like best about them is that they provide a calm, fun, and safe environment for kids with additional support needs (ASN). 

Pro tip:

If you’re hungry, the farm sells delicious sausage rolls and pumpkin drop cookies that we couldn’t resist taking a bite or two – or maybe more.

8. Ernespie Farm


Facebook: Ernespie Farm

Address: Old Military Rd, Castle Douglas, DG7 3JG, UK

Contact details: +44 156 650 2773

Operating hours: 10 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Members – £10
  • Non-members – £14

Located inside Castle Douglas, Scotland’s Food Town, Ernespie Farm boasts a pumpkin path, playing areas, tractor rides, and more.

An entry ticket to the farm includes one homegrown pumpkin of your choice that you can carve and decorate on-site. Your kids can also play in the outdoor playground, and you’ll also have complimentary sweet treats to munch on while you wait.

Pro tip:

To add to your food venture to the farm, they have a new cafe set up that allows dogs in their outside area. They have lovely cakes that are served in big portions so it’s perfect for the family to share.

9. Balgone Estate 


Facebook: Balgone Estate

Address: Balgone Barns, North Berwick, EH39 5NY, UK

Contact details: +44 745 433 5556

Operating hours: Always open

Price: £6 per car

Located on the outskirts of North Berwick, the Balgone Estate is a great place to pick some pumpkins for autumn. On top of that, they have a pumpkin trail and the crooked cauldron that you can explore. 

We must admit we got goosebumps when we saw some spooky characters along the way! Oh, also, they have a sunflower trail, self-catering accommodations, and a farm for a more fun-filled visit.

Pro tip:

Dogs are allowed on site but they must be on leash at all times. If you’re planning to walk around Balgone Estate, make sure to bundle up since it can be quite cold during this season.

10. Cononsyth Farms


Facebook: Cononsyth Farms

Address: North Mains of Cononsyth, Arbroath, DD11 3SA, UK

Contact details: +44 124 186 0230

Operating hours: Always open

Price: £5.80 per car

Managed by the Dowell family, the Cononsyth Farms boast a pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving stations, food stalls, a bale mountain, and a honeyberry field nature trail.

Take note that their entry fee is different from the prices of their pumpkins. Each one ranges from around £5 to £12, depending on its weight. 

Pro tip:

Bear in mind that pre-booked tickets cannot be transferred to another session, regardless of the reason. If you’re going on a rainy day, pack a pair of wellies to enjoy the experience. 


Facebook: East Links Family Park

Address: Dunbar, EH42 1XF, UK

Contact details: +44 136 886 3607

Operating hours: 10 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Adult/Child – £18.50
  • Concessions – £14.80
  • Family of 4 – £70
  • 2-year-olds – £9.25
  • Kids under 2 years old – Free

East Links Family Park in East Lothian offers farm-themed activities such as a pumpkin patch, pedal tractors, play parks, hay barns, and trampolines among others. 

You and your little munchkins can even go on a tour and meet and feed their friendly animals. They have cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and more!

Buying an entry ticket gives you access to all these attractions, so book them online for a hassle-free experience.

Pro tip:

Bring extra clothes if you’re planning to play in the water wars activity. There’s a drying room with a big hair dryer but that comes with a separate charge.

12. Charleton Fruit Farm


Facebook: Charleton Fruit Farm

Address: Montrose, DD10 9EW, UK

Contact details: +44 167 483 0407

Operating hours: 10 AM – 4 PM daily

Price: Free entry

Every October, the Charleton Fruit Farm opens its pumpkin season, which also features an October Treasure Hunt and a free adventure play area for kids.

There are lots of food options around the area, which includes their cafe, The Stables and Flower Barn, and The Pod in the Park. If you want to stay longer, they even have spacious cottages fit for families. 

Pro tip:

Try The Pod’s delectable ice cream selection, which is also available for takeaway. 

13. Clyde Valley Family Park


Facebook: Clyde Valley Family Park

Address: Crossford, Carluke, ML8 5NJ, UK

Contact details: +44 155 586 1222

Operating hours: 10 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Adult/Child – £16.50
  • Concessions – £13.20
  • Family of 4 – £62
  • 2-year-olds – £8.25
  • Under 2 years old – Free

Whether it’s pumpkin picking or dressing up for Halloween, you can experience it all when you visit Clyde Valley Family Park. They go all out for this festive season with pumpkin carving stations on site, fancy dress competitions, and more.

There are also go-karts, a train safari, and trampolines – perfect for using up all your kids’ seemingly bottomless store of energy. There’s even a creepy corridor, perfect for brave souls!

Pro tip:

Although most activities are included in your entry ticket, there are extra charges for certain items like animal feed and golf balls.

14. Udny Pumpkins


Facebook: Udny Pumpkins

Address: Woodlands Smithy, Udny, Ellon, AB41 6SP, UK

Contact details: [email protected]

Operating hours: Always open


  • Entry – £5 per car
  • Pumpkins – ranging from £1.50 to £10 per piece

Known as the original pumpkin patch in North East Scotland, Udny Pumpkins attracts thousands of visitors yearly from Aberdeen, Inverurie, Ellon, and Peterhead. They have 8,000 pumpkins that you can find on-site.

Plus, you can meet some friendly sheep, climb on hay bales, and enjoy a hot chocolate during your visit.

Pro tip:

Aside from carving pumpkins, you can use them as an ingredient for cooking spiced pumpkin and apple chutney. We got more ideas from reading Jenny Fyall’s The Pumpkin Catch Cookbook.

Not only is she the author but she’s also the owner of the patch. 

15. Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm


Facebook: Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm

Address: Auldearn, Nairn, IV12 5QG, UK

Contact details: +44 130 964 1259

Operating hours: 9 AM – 5:30 PM daily

Price: Free entry

Established in 1978, the Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm grows produce like vegetables, potatoes, and preserves. It’s also a great place to go pumpkin picking in autumn!

The conquest for the best pumpkins starts with a spooky entrance with a few scarecrows in disguise standing guard. Then, you’ll find lots of pumpkins around the area along with face-painting stations and Halloween-themed photo books.

Pro tip:

Try their organic ice cream that you can buy through a window from the shop’s building. If there’s no one around, ring the bell and wait for someone to assist you – we promise, it’s worth the effort!

16. Narrowboat Farm


Facebook: Narrowboat Farm

Address: Linlithgow, EH49 6QY, UK

Contact details: +44 786 677 6640

Operating hours: Always open

Price: Free entry

Located in Linlithgow, Narrowboat Farm is another popular pumpkin-picking destination. They also host spine-chilling storytelling boat cruises yearly, in partnership with Linlithgow Union Canal Society.

Although they are always open, you’ll need to call ahead of time if you plan to visit since they have limited staff and won’t be able to accommodate you at all times.

Pro tip:

Visit their honesty shop, which sells various items, particularly vegetables.

17. Conifox Adventure Park


Facebook: Conifox Adventure Park

Address: Kirkliston, EH29 9ER, UK

Contact details: +44 131 333 1444

Operating hours: 9:30 AM – 5 PM daily


  • Pumpkin Days – £4 per person
  • Pumpkin Nights – £8 per person
  • Pumpkin Fireworks – £8 per person

Conifox Adventure Park is an easy 20-minute drive from the centre of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. They have lots in store during Halloween, including their pumpkin picking and carving stations.

What’s more, they have ghoulish games, fun fairs, face-painting booths, and a Monster Mash disco. A little heads up though, access to the adventure park and activity centre comes with a different charge from the pumpkin patch admission.

Pro tip:

Use your cards in paying for everything in the park. They don’t accept cash on-site.

18. East Yonderton Farm

Facebook: East Yonderton Farm PYO

Address: Walkinshaw Rd, Renfrew, PA4 9LP, UK

Contact details: +44 141 889 3492

Operating hours: Always open

Price: £2 per person

You’ll have a lovely time exploring the pumpkin patch in East Yonderton Farm for autumn, with its collection of pumpkins in different sizes and colours.

Although it’s a small place, it’s easily accessible since it’s close to Glasgow Airport. Additionally, they have lots of produce every season including strawberries and gooseberries.

Pro tip:

Go to the farm as early as you can since stocks are limited – you wouldn’t want to miss the best ones! 

Don’t forget to immediately grab a green basket once you enter before picking any of the fruits available.

19. Blair Drummond Safari Park


Facebook: Blair Drummond Safari Park

Address: Stirling, FK9 4UR, UK

Contact details: +44 178 684 1456

Operating hours: 10 AM – 5:30 PM


  • Adult – £16.50
  • Children (3 to 15 years old) – £13.50
  • Senior (60 years old and above) – £13.50
  • Pumpkins – £3 per piece

Blair Drummond Safari Park may be largely known for its 300 adorable creatures, but it also has a pumpkin patch every October for families that come to visit!

You can pick any of the pumpkins in the area and carve them to your liking. We also loved roasting some giant marshmallows on the firepits afterwards.

Pro tip:

Packing a picnic helps you save money. There are lots of tables in the park, so it’s comfortable for everyone to sit and eat. 

20. M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park


Facebook: M&Ds Scotlands Theme Park

Address: Strathclyde Country Park, Bellshill, Motherwell, ML1 3RT, UK

Contact details: +44 169 833 3777

Operating hours: 10 AM – 10 PM


  • £8.50 per person with a complimentary drink
  • £10.95 per person with a pumpkin
  • Free for kids under 2 years old

M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park has over 40 attractions, including a game zone and adventure golf. But their Pumpkin Festival is one of their most popular annual events.

Admission to the event includes pumpkin picking, listening to stories from the Folksy Theatre, walking a pumpkin trail, riding the Pumpkin Express Train, and doing some Halloween-themed arts and crafts.

Pro tip:

Bring cash anywhere you go in the park. Although the entrance fee and the main restaurant accept cards as a mode of payment, the other spots and rides don’t.

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