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Edinburgh's 9 best distilleries that had us tipsily touring

Edinburgh’s 9 best distilleries that had us tipsily touring!

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those travel dreams that spiral down faster than a pint in a thirsty Scotsman’s hand. Like that time, I imagined myself sipping a classy cocktail on a rooftop bar, only to be chased inside by an apocalyptic swarm of midges.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. But amidst all these unpredictable escapades, Edinburgh’s distilleries stand as my gleaming beacons of joy—and occasional tipsiness, of course!

So, forget about those postcard-perfect sights for a moment and explore with me the best distilleries in Edinburgh, where you’ll probably find yourselves a little bit wobbly but having fun.

Holyrood Distillery 


Address: 19 St Leonard’s Ln.

Contact details:  +44 131 285 8977

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Wednesday – 11:30 AM to 7 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday – 11:30 AM to 8 PM

Cost: £-££

Holyrood Distillery is pretty unique because they’re the first single malt whisky distillery. These folks took a nearly 100-year hiatus from whisky making in Edinburgh’s city centre and turned it on its head when they opened in 2019.

They’ve got an impressive range, stretching from rich, deeply matured whiskies to zesty gins that practically beg you to take them home.

Plus, they have this cool custom gin-making experience that’ll let you play around with flavours to create your unique bottle. Now, that is, of course, a good kind of souvenir!

Pro tip: Absolutely, do not miss out on their guided tours. You not only get a behind-the-scenes look at their craft but also the chance to sample some exclusive spirits not available anywhere else.

Old Poison Distillery 


Address: The Biscuit Factory, 4-6 Anderson Pl

Contact details: +44 7469 194772

Operating hours: 

  • N/A

Cost: £-££

Tucked away in the gritty, artsy confines of The Biscuit Factory, Old Poison is the sort of secret you feel smug about knowing. This place is tiny but mighty, brewing magic with an alchemist’s touch.

The founder, Fabrizio Cioffi, is an Italian-born guy with a penchant for perfection who takes inspiration from his Italian roots, which is evident in every batch. 

Their flagship Selkie gin smoothly blends Scottish and Mediterranean flavours, and they’ve even played around with some aged rums.

Pro tip: Do yourself a favour and sign up for their mailing list. Not only will you get the inside scoop on all the latest releases and events, but there’s also a sweet deal where newcomers get 15% off their first purchase.

The Port of Leith Distillery 


Address: 11, Whisky Quay

Contact details: +44 131 600 0765

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – 11 AM to 12 AM

Cost: £-££

The Port of Leith Distillery is a beacon on the Edinburgh distillery scene, and literally too—they’re perched right by the waterfront, so they’re hard to miss even if you tried. Their story is one of audacity: building the first vertical distillery in Scotland.

They focus on creating whiskies that are as bold and dynamic as the district’s maritime history. Think maritime salinity meets spicy, oak-aged warmth—a true nod to Leith’s spirited past if you’d ask me.

Plus, they offer delightful tasting sessions where you can savour their meticulously crafted whiskies alongside stunning views of the harbour.

Pro tip: Swing by their shop and tasting room, where you can grab a bottle or two of the good stuff. And keep those eyes peeled for updates on their whisky; it’s going to be epic when it’s ready.

Secret Garden Distillery 


Address: 32A Old Pentland Rd, Lothianburn

Contact details: +44 131 285 6833

Operating hours: 

  • Monday, Thursday to Sunday – 11 AM to 4 PM

Cost: ££

Now, if you’re into your botanicals and a story that’s rooted in nature, you’re in for a treat at Secret Garden. They infuse their gins with hand-harvested local botanicals from their own garden—no artificial stuff here, just pure, great flavours.

It’s less like drinking and more like communing with nature, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. 

And it isn’t just the gin that gets all the attention—they’ve got a lineup that showcases a variety of other spirits, all grounded in their unique, green-fingered philosophy.

Pro tip: Definitely book yourself onto their Gin Tastings and Tours, where you get to roam around the garden and watch the process of their “Seed to Sip”. Also, don’t forget to check out their online bottle shop.

The Eden Mill Experience 


Address: 1a Rutland St.

Contact details: +44 1334 834038

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday and Monday – 12 PM to 4 PM
  • Tuesday to Saturday – 10 AM to 4 PM

Cost: ££

Originally, Eden Mill Experience hails from St. Andrews—that’s right, the home of golf—but they set up shop right in Edinburgh to spread their liquid joy. 

They’ve been brewing, distilling, and pouring since 2012, making them a sort of stalwart in the Scottish craft scene. Plus, they make beers too, so it’s like a playground for anyone who loves a good-quality drink. 

Moreover, they’ve got an onsite bar where you can sample some unique concoctions, and their experts are pretty generous with their knowledge.

Pro tip: If you’re a whisky enthusiast, make sure you join their exclusive “The Guard Bridge Whisky Masterclass.” 

Additionally, consider securing their gift vouchers for this masterclass—it makes an unforgettable gift for any whisky lover in your life, providing a unique blend of education and enjoyment.

South Loch Distillery 


Address: 2 W Crosscauseway

Contact details: +44 131 662 8860

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 11 PM

Cost: £-££

South Loch Distillery hasn’t been around as long as some other names, but don’t let that fool you—they’re pumping out gin like they were born doing it. Their 56 North bar’s been a gin joint for ages, and they figured, why not make our own magic?

So in 2018, they did just that. They’re best known for their South Loch Gin, distilled with an array of botanicals to give you a proper taste of Scottish gin sophistication.

Pro tip: If you’re into learning and crafting, they run gin masterclasses where you get to don a lab coat and feel like a gin genius as you explore their botanicals and craft your own signature blend.

Summerhall Distillery 


Address: 1 Summerhall, Newington

Contact details: +44 131 290 2901

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday – 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Thursday and Friday – 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday – 12 PM to 7 PM

Cost: ££

Summerhall Distillery is basically the cool kid of Edinburgh’s distillery scene, cozied up in the artsy quarters of an old veterinary school. I bet you didn’t think gin and art went hand in hand, but here we are.

They kicked things off back in 2013, making them the first exclusive gin distillery in the city for over 150 years. That’s a bit of wow right there.

They craft this smooth, yet complex gin called Pickering’s, based on a secret recipe that’s as old as the hills. And their range is pretty broad, offering everything from classic gin flavours to some pretty wild limited editions.

Pro tip: Definitely take advantage of their guided tours. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how they bring Pickering’s gin to life, from distillation to bottling.

Also, the distillery’s location within an arts complex means there’s always something else to explore once you’ve had your fill of gin.

Sip Antics


Address: The Cumberland Bar, 2 Cumberland St.

Contact details: [email protected] 

Operating hours: 

  • Monday and Tuesday – 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Thursday to Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM

Cost: £-££

Sip Antics is this super cool micro-distillery experience that pops up at The Cumberland Bar. It’s not your typical distillery setup—it’s intimate, it’s hands-on, and frankly, it’s a blast.

The folks behind Sip Antics have this way of making gin crafting accessible to everyone, whether you’re a gin aficionado or just looking to try something new. 

They specialise in small-batch, artisanal gin, along with hosting gin-making sessions where you can go full-on as a gin scientist.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a unique night out, booking one of their gin-making sessions is a must. You not only walk away with a deeper appreciation for gin but also your own bespoke bottle.

Edinburgh Gin Distillery 


Address: Arch 16, The Arches, E Market St.

Contact details: +44 131 202 4555

Operating hours: 

  • Temporarily closed

Cost: £-££

Nestled under the city in this vibey network of old railway arches, Edinburgh Gin Distillery is a haven for the, of course, gin-curious. They fired up their stills in 2010, jumping ahead of the gin craze and setting the bar high for craft gin in Scotland.

The range they offer is astounding, from classic, juniper-forward gins to contemporary blends bursting with unique botanicals. You’ve got your classic Edinburgh Gin and some other infusions like lavender and pine or rosemary and ginger.

Their temporary closure is in service of something exciting—they’re making enhancements to their space to elevate every visit. So you better stay tuned for their grand reopening announcement!

Pro tip: Though their distillery doors are temporarily closed, the spirit of Edinburgh Gin continues to thrive! So, keep a vigilant eye on their social media channels for announcements about exclusive pop-up events happening around the city. 

Plus, their distillery shop is like a candy store for adults—perfect for snagging a bottle or two of their limited editions.

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