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Explore Glasgow’s 9 Best Charity Shops for Unique Finds

Explore Glasgow’s 9 Best Charity Shops for Unique Finds

Oxfam Donated Goods Shop


Address: 231 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8UD

Contact Information: 0141 339 3111 / [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10AM – 6PM; Sunday: 12NN – 5PM

Oxfam is a one-stop shop for everything a family needs, offering a diverse selection that includes haberdashery, unique homeware, and gently-used fashion items for children. 

While you’ll find incredible deals on some items, it’s wise to stay vigilant about prices, as they can occasionally be on the higher side.

Pro Tip:

If you’re keen to participate in the eco-friendly cycle, you can easily contribute by donating your clothes to Oxfam. It’s hassle-free and cost-free too! 

Just visit their website to order a donation bag, follow the simple instructions provided, and send off your contribution via post.

Sense Scotland

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Address: 168 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6XE, United Kingdom

Contact Information: +44 300 330 9292 / [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30AM – 5PM

Sense Scotland is where you’ll unearth treasures that embody the essence of true charity shop affordability. It’s a quintessential haven, boasting a range of inexpensive clothing, miscellaneous items, and trinkets—all at unbeatable prices.

Among the aisles, you’ll discover a delightful assortment of baby clothes, ornaments, toys, and various knick-knacks, so don’t be deterred by its unassuming exterior.

Pro Tip:
With so many goodies crammed into this cozy little shop, squeezing through its tight aisles can feel a bit suffocating at times. It’s best to plan ahead before diving in.

H2: Make Do & Grow

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Address: Metropolitan Area, 41 Burleigh St, Govan, Glasgow G51 3LA, United Kingdom

Contact Information: +44 141 440 5998

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10AM – 4:30PM

At Make Do & Grow, you’ll unearth high-quality pre-loved children’s wear, books, and toys that won’t break the bank. Their program helps provide local parents with affordable options for clothing and toys. 

A non-profit organization, Make Do & Grow ensures that everyone can find something special without emptying their wallets and also accepts in-kind donations to support their services.

Pro Tip:

Make Do & Grow have a colorful creative workspace where they host weekly term-time toddler sessions and after school art clubs, holiday activities and events. 

Salvation Army


Address: Dumbarton Road Family Service Centre, 91 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6PW, United Kingdom

Contact Information: 01413 342863 / [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Tuesday: 9AM – 5:15PM; Wednesday to Saturday: 9AM – 5:30PM

Salvation Army’s got a fantastic range of goodies, from comfy sofas to stylish bookstands, along with clothing, homeware, toys, and books galore. But here’s the kicker: what catches your eye one day might vanish the next. 

Keep in mind, though, that some items can lean towards the pricier side, so it’s worth rummaging through to snag sweeter deals.

Pro Tip:

When buying heavy furniture, you can count on them to sort out delivery straight to your doorstep, whenever works best for you.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

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Address: 608 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6RJ, United Kingdom

Contact Information: +44 141 579 0090

Operating Hours: Daily: 10AM – 5PM

Don’t let its size deceive you – the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland charity shop is packed to the brim (neatly organized, of course!). Rumor has it they boast one of the finest collections of menswear around.

What’s more, their pocket-friendly prices will have you loading up your cart with bargains galore.

Pro Tip:

Regular visits to the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland charity shop increase your chances of uncovering hidden treasures, as they receive new donations frequently.

Shelter Charity Shop


Address: 214 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9EJ, United Kingdom

Contact Information: +44 141 332 8505 / [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9AM – 5PM

With its bright red exterior, spotting the Shelter Charity Shop is a breeze. And if you haven’t heard, they boast an impressive selection of name brands, ranging from popular high-street fashion to occasional designer labels.

Despite the abundance of rows and racks filled with clothes, the store maintains a surprisingly airy feel, thanks to its well-organized layout, making it easy to locate just what you’re after.

Pro Tip:
The Shelter Charity Shop offers easy accessibility with its level entrance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for individuals using wheelchairs or anyone with mobility concerns.

H2: Islamic Relief

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Address: 115-117 Albert Dr, Glasgow G41 2SU, United Kingdom

Contact Information: +44 141 423 5585

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 10AM – 6PM; Saturday to Sunday: 10AM – 5:30PM

If you’re on the hunt for Asian clothing, Islamic Relief is your one-stop destination. Known as the premier source for Asian attire and accessories, they curate a remarkable collection featuring intricately designed bangles and a diverse range of ethnic wear.

Donated clothes are distributed to various causes: some assist the less fortunate through charity shops, others aid refugees and the homeless through charities and mosques, and the rest are sent worldwide for communities in need.

Pro Tip:

To contribute to the cause, you can also donate any unwanted clothes and items to their clothing banks. Your donations will be sent to communities in need worldwide, making a meaningful impact on those who need it most.

Oxfam Bookshop


Address: 330 Byres Rd, Hillhead, Glasgow G12 8AP, United Kingdom 

Contact Information: +44 141 338 6185

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10AM – 6PM; Sunday: 12PM – 5PM

Oxfam Bookshop is a book lover’s haven, offering an extensive collection catering to various tastes, including graphic novels, non-fiction, and even a Scottish collection.

Due to its proximity to universities, it’s a bustling hub frequented by students, adding to its lively atmosphere.

Pro Tip:

It’s worth noting that while their selection is top-notch, prices can sometimes lean towards the higher end, so it’s worth rummaging around to score a better deal.


Media Credit: wandermaw


Address: 483 Victoria Rd, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 8RL, United Kingdom 

Contact Information: +44 141 423 7845

Operating Hours: 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Looking for secondhand toys can be a bit nerve-wracking for parents, but at Barnardo’s, you can relax and shop without worries. With all toys sporting the CE mark for safety, you’ll find a wide range of options for kids of every age in this charity shop. 

While you might raise an eyebrow at the prices of some toys, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered if you arrive early and are willing to do some digging.

Pro Tip:

An extra step to help their cause is to shop online via their website or on eBay

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