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Our Glasgow's Father's Day Shenanigans Guide that Your Dad Will Like

Our Glasgow’s Father’s Day Shenanigans Guide that Your Dad Will Like (or Love!)

Forget neckties and the dreaded “#1 Dad” mugs—because, let’s face it, the cupboard’s already full of those. 

We’re kicking it up a notch this Father’s Day in Glasgow, ushering in a new era of dad-celebrating shenanigans that’ll either have your dad grinning or scratching his head in bewilderment (but secretly loving every minute of it).

Gone are the days of celebrating Father’s Day with a hastily bought card and a last-minute, panic-bought gift. Nope, this year, we’re rolling out the red carpet and treating the old man to an epic adventure, so keep on reading!

Explore vintage cars at the Riverside Museum

Media credit: bartoszlusiak


Address: 100 Pointhouse Rd, Govan

Contact details: +44 141 287 2720

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Friday and Sunday – 11 AM to 5 PM

If your old man’s got a thing for classic rides, he’ll be like a kid in a candy shop here at Riverside Museum. They’ve got everything, from vintage cars to old-school locomotives, that’ll have him rattling off facts you never even knew he knew.

And we’re not just talking about old cars; we’re talking about gleaming classics that’ll make you wish you could hop in and take a spin. 

Think shiny chrome bumpers and the scent of well-oiled leather that’ll transport you both back to a simpler time when the steering wheel was as big as a pizza.

Pro tip: Make sure to check out the interactive displays! They’ve got these cool setups where you can actually experience what it was like to ride some of those vintage vehicles.

And hey, there’s a pretty neat cafe too, perfect for grabbing a bite after all that exploring.

Enjoy a whisky tasting at the Clydeside Distillery


Address: 100 Stobcross Rd.

Contact details: +44 141 212 1401

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM

Clydeside Distillery is the spot if your old man’s a fan of the good stuff, and by good stuff, I mean whisky. This place’s whisky tasting will have you swirling and sipping like true connoisseurs.

You’ll get to try a selection of their finest, and when I say fine, I mean the kind of whisky that leaves you wanting more. We’re talking about their signature single malt, some limited editions, and, if you’re lucky, a few surprises they’ve got hidden up their sleeves.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to ask about the warehouse experience. It’s often overlooked, but getting to see where they age the whisky is great. Plus, the view of the Clyde from the distillery is unbeatable, so make sure to snap a few pictures.

Play a round of golf at the Bishopbriggs Golf Club


Address: Brackenbrae Rd, Bishopbriggs

Contact details: +44 141 772 8938

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday – 8:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Thursday and Friday – 8:30 AM to 11 PM
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Sunday – 8  AM to 7:15 PM

If your dad’s golf swing is his pride and joy, Bishopbriggs Golf Club is prime ‘show-off’ territory. The course is meticulously maintained, which means no blaming the divots for a dodgy shot.

Whether he’s the next Rory McIlroy or more of a Happy Gilmore, a round here is sure to be a hit. Plus, the clubhouse vibe is just spot on for a post-game chat over a pint or a warm cup of whatever you fancy.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to make a day of it, booking a tee time in advance is a smart move. Oh, and don’t rush off after your round; the sunsets from the clubhouse terrace are out of this world.

Wander through the Botanic Gardens and Kibble Palace

Media credit: emilyandkevinexplore


Address:  730 Great Western Rd.

Contact details: +44 141 276 1614

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM

The Botanic Gardens and Kibble Palace are about as close to an urban oasis as you can get without leaving Glasgow. This place is lush, and the Kibble Palace is a massive glasshouse filled with tropical plants, so there’s a lot to see.

The vibe here is just perfect for a leisurely stroll—maybe even a picnic if you’re feeling it. And there’s always something new blooming, so it’s like a different place with every visit.

Pro tip: Make sure you keep an eye out for the hidden corners and less-travelled paths for a more calming stroll. And if you’re up for it, joining one of the free guided tours can really enhance your visit.


Address: Argyle St.

Contact details: +44 141 276 9599

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Friday and Sunday – 11 AM to 5 PM

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum is where you head when you want to impress with culture but keep things chill. This place is a treasure trove of art and artefacts, covering everything from ancient Egypt to modern art and a spitfire hanging from the ceiling.

Now, let me clue you in on some must-sees: the Salvador Dalí masterpiece, the stuffed elephant, and the Scottish Colourists collection. Trust me, it’s like a feast for your eyes and brain.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to check out the event schedule before you go. Kelvingrove often hosts concerts and temporary exhibitions that are absolutely worth making time for.

Plus, popping into the gift shop could score you some unique finds.

Go on a stadium tour of Celtic Park


Address: Janefield St.

Contact details: +44 141 230 1967

Operating hours: 

  • N/A

Celtic Park is basically hallowed ground if your old man is into football—you guys get that buzz just from being near it. You’ll see the dressing rooms, walk down the tunnel, and hear all those epic stories where history was made right on the pitch.

Now, if he’s a die-hard fan, he can take a peek at the trophies and memorabilia in the Celtic Museum. And don’t skip out on sitting in the manager’s seat; it’s a great photo op and, let’s be honest, probably the closest most of us will get to managing a top club.

Pro tip: Remember to book your tour early in the day; that way, you’ve got the whole afternoon to hit a pub and maybe catch a match on TV while you’re still riding that Celtic high.

Experience science hands-on at the Glasgow Science Centre


Address: 50 Pacific Quay

Contact details: +44 141 420 5000

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM


(Day Entry)

  • Adult – £14.75
  • Child (Ages 3 to 15) – £11.50
  • Concession (Ages 60+, students and unemployed) – £13.15

The Glasgow Science Centre is like a giant playground for your brain. There’s a hands-on exhibit everywhere, from messing about with thermal cameras to lying on a bed of nails—and yeah, it’s a surprisingly comfy nail bed!

This place has the kind of stuff that has you and your dad laughing while you’re learning, which is pretty neat if you ask me. Plus, you’ve got to hit the planetarium shows and the Science Show Theatre to catch some of their live experiments.

Pro tip: This place is buzzing with cool events and workshops, so make sure to check what’s on before you go. Also, grabbing an all-day pass is the move; it may seem a bit pricier, but it’s worth every penny.

Take a stroll or play some frisbee in Pollok Country Park

Media credit: jameslove8


Address: 2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Bellahouston

Contact details: +44 141 287 5064

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM

Pollok Country Park is a green escape in the middle of Glasgow. There’s the Pollok House, which is a castle full of art, beautiful furniture, and sprawling gardens.

So, if your dad’s into nature, he’ll love it here. And since it’s got these wide-open spaces, you can have a lazy stroll or, my personal favourite, a frisbee match that might just get a tad competitive. 

And if you’re up for it, there’s enough room to kick a football around. Plus, you guys can count those Highland Cows; these big-horned beasts are celebrities and totally chill for a photo.

Pro tip: I probably recommend you bring a picnic! There are spots in the park that are practically begging for a blanket and some sandwiches.

Enjoy live music at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut


Address: 272A St Vincent St.

Contact details: +44 141 846 4034

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday- 2 PM to 6 PM
  • Friday – 4 PM to 6 PM

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut isn’t your average music venue; it’s a legend. The walls are practically vibing with all the famous acts that have played here, like Radiohead and Oasis, before they hit it big.

They’ve got live music every night, so it’s a safe bet for catching some tunes with your dad. The place is intimate, which means you’re always close to the action, feeling like the band’s playing just for you.

Pro tip: Remember to get there early to grab a good spot; it’s first-come, first-served for standing room. And check out the bar’s whisky selection; it’s like a liquid lineup of Scotland’s finest.

Catch a film at the Glasgow Film Theatre


Address: 12 Rose St.

Contact details: +44 141 332 6535

Operating hours: 

  • Depends on the movie schedule.

The Glasgow Film Theatre is that cosy cinema where you go for the experience, not just the movie. It’s got that old-timey charm with modern comforts, and the screens show everything from blockbuster hits to those indie gems if that’s kind of your dad’s thing.

Their programming is top-notch, often featuring themed nights and movie festivals that are perfect for film buffs—like a total treat for dads into their flicks.

Pro tip: For the ultimate Glasgow Film Theatre experience, you shouldn’t miss out on becoming a member. Beyond having discounted tickets and concessions, you’ll also have access to members-only screenings and special events.

Have some fun while trying street foods at Fayre Play


Address: 124 Portman St, Kinning Park

Contact details: 

Operating hours: 

  • Thursday – 5 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday – 4 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday – 12 PM to 12 AM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 10 PM

If you’re on the hunt for something a bit different for Father’s Day, let me clue you in on Fayre Play. Here, you’ve got stalls serving street foods, from classic dogs to burgers and even loaded fries that are all sticky, sweet, and kind of a bit messy.

But what makes Fayre Play the ultimate Father’s Day spot is tossing in a little competition—friendly, of course. They’ve got arcade games that’ll throw you back to the ’80s: Slam Drunk, Duck Hunt, Lucky Tosser, and many more.

Pro tip: Make sure to bring some comfy footwear because you’ll be on your feet a lot, darting between games and food stalls.

Get competitive with indoor karting at TeamSport Go Karting


Address: Westburn Rd, Cambuslang

Contact details: +44 141 641 0222

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 11 PM

TeamSport Go Karting is where you get to unleash that friendly family rivalry with some full-throttle indoor karting. You can zoom around like pros (or at least like you both know what you’re doing) on some of the slickest tracks.

Electric karts mean no fumes, just pure adrenaline-pumping action that you guys will enjoy. Plus, they’ve got different tracks to keep things interesting, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned speedster.

Pro tip: After you’ve felt the adrenaline rush of going karting, don’t make the mistake of calling it a day too early and try playing Laser Combat. 

With the latest in laser technology, immersive game formats, and an intricately designed battlefield, it’s an exhilarating way to enhance your visit.

Enjoy a relaxing day of fishing at Hogganfield Loch

Media credit: the_wandering_weegie


Address: Hogganfield Loch

Contact details: N/A

Operating hours: 

  • Open at all times.

Hogganfield Loch is the spot for a Father’s Day fishing session that’s as chill as a Glasgow winter. Plus, it’s practically teeming with fish, so there’s a decent chance you’ll snag a carp, pike or perch.

Coolers filled with some of these fish are the way to go for snacks because, let’s be honest, fishing is more about the munch than the catch.

Pro tip: Remember to check if you need a permit in advance, and don’t forget to pack the waterproofs—it’s Glasgow, so even the sunniest day can turn into a downpour.

Book a private session at VR Simulators for racing fun


Address: 36 Gallowgate

Contact details: +44 141 370 6048

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 2 PM to 9 PM
  • Saturday – 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 11:30 AM to 9 PM

VR simulators are a seriously cool way to get that Formula One thrill without, you know, the actual risk of driving a racecar. You can strap in for a private session on Father’s Day, and you can both gear up for some high-octane action.

The VR headsets are so realistic, and the setup is legit. With full-motion simulators, you’ll feel every twist and turn like you’re really out on the track.

Pro tip: If you’ve never been behind the ‘wheel’ in VR, take a few minutes to get used to it—it’s wild. And consider booking extra time because once you start, you won’t want to stop.

Have a laughter-filled evening at The Stand Comedy Club


Address: 333 Woodlands Rd.

Contact details: +44 141 212 3389

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM

The Stand Comedy Club is a laugh factory. Whether you’re into deadpan delivery or love a good one-liner, their lineup of comedians is brilliant and has something for everyone’s funny bone.

The vibe’s top-notch and cosy enough that every seat’s the best in the house. Just grab a pint, find yourselves a spot, and prep for an evening of tears—of laughter, that is.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance, especially if there’s a popular act in town. Get there a bit early to snag drinks without a pre-show rush and find the perfect seats.

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