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10 Reasons Why Aberdeen Could Be Your Ideal Home

10 Reasons Why Aberdeen Could Be Your Ideal Home

Aberdeen, or also known as ‘Granite City’, is a bustling town with numerous highlights located in the North-East coast of Scotland. 

The city also boasts its trendy annual events, brilliant nightlife, and green spaces. 

In fact, Aberdeen belongs in the top 5 best places to live in the UK according to residents. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring life in Aberdeen. If you’re consider settling down here in the future, then read on!

What makes Aberdeen a nice place to live?

Aberdeen is a nice place to live due to its affordable cost of living, decent job market, quality schools, efficient transport system, and welcoming locals.

The city also has various cultural hotspots and lively shopping centres that are worth checking out.

1. Low Cost of Living

Low Cost of Living
Photo by jarmoluk from Pixabay

Overall, Aberdeen’s monthly cost of living is around £1,050. It ranked a low 235th in the most expensive places to live in the UK, among all 277 cities.

Sourced from Numbeo, take a look at the prices of the most common factors affecting this sector below: 

Expense TypePrice Range
Dining Out£1.01 – £50.00
Groceries£0.74 – £13.00
Transportation£1.37 – £91.30
Monthly Utilities£0.09 – £138.01
Sports and Leisure£7.20 – £32.42
Childcare£1,000.56 – £11,340.00
Clothing and Other Expenses£26.14 – £73.50
Rent Per Month£466.54 – £1,178.12
Price per Square Metre to Buy Apartment (One-Time Cost)£2,171.43 – £2,585.71

2. Decent Job Market

Decent Job Market
Photo by Aymanejed from Pixabay

The city has a thriving job market in the fields of oil and gas, bioscience, and tourism, with the oil and gas industry being the most well-known.

Aberdeen has a low unemployment rate of 3.9%, which is quite impressive.

As of 2022, people in employment total 123,900, with high-demand jobs in the offshore sector such as oil and engineering.

If you haven’t found a job yet prior to migrating, there are recruitment agencies in the area that can help you find one.

Aberdeen, with an average monthly salary of £2,245.21 after-tax deduction, could be ideal if you want to advance in the sectors mentioned above.

3. Reputable Schools and Universities 

Reputable Schools and Universities
Photo from Global Scholar

Aberdeen is home to two top-tier universities: the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University. 

Due to their educational excellence, these two are competing neck-and-neck. The University of Aberdeen placed 220th in QS World University Rankings 2023, while Robert Gordon University was at 801st.

A good range of programmes are also available in both, with the University of Aberdeen offering 375 undergraduate and 288 postgraduate programmes, and Robert Gordon University offering 70 undergraduate and 98 postgraduate tracks.

Aberdeen also has 54 primary and 15 secondary schools run by the city council, with a good number of private institutions as well.

Ashley Road School, Cults Primary School, and Ellon Primary School are among the top primary schools, while Westhill Academy, Mackie Academy, and Alford Academy are among the best secondary schools.

Despite the fact that public schools are free, the government still guarantees that pupils receive a high-quality education.

Special needs education, tutoring, and homeschooling are also offered in Aberdeen.

4. Low Crime Rate

Low Crime Rate
Photo by mattiaverga from Pixabay

Crime Rate

According to Numbeo, Aberdeen has a crime rate of 32.70%, which is considered low. The lower the number on this scale, the lesser the number of crimes occurring in a city. 

Safety Scale 

Aberdeen is considered one of the safest cities in Scotland, with a 66.22% rate on the safety scale. 

In contrast to the crime rate, the higher the safety rate, the safer the city is deemed. 

5. Efficient Transportation System

Efficient Transportation System
Photo by Mediocre Studio from Unsplash

Buses, taxis, and trains are all available in Aberdeen. Regardless, most locals still prefer to walk or ride a bicycle.

Here’s the rough computation of each mode’s fare:

Mode of TransportationFare
Bus £1.80-£699.00

6. Friendly Locals

Friendly Locals
Photo from Yahoo!

Aberdeen’s residents, often known as ‘Aberdonians,’ are noted for their friendly and amicable demeanour, making the city more appealing to both UK residents and tourists!

7. Attractive Cultural Hotspots

What’s more, Aberdeen is home to a plethora of cultural destinations! Here are some places you can enjoy:

Aberdeen Art Gallery
Photo from tripadvisor

When in Aberdeen, one must visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Its historical significance, spectacular exhibitions, and overall architecture are just a few of the reasons why both residents and tourists keep coming back.  

Opening in 1885, Aberdeen Art Gallery continues to house numerous artworks from artists all over the globe. Due to its exceptional collections, the gallery was even recognised as the country’s finest.

The neoclassical-style of the building was designed by the well-known Alexander Marshall Mackenzie.

2. St. Machar’s Cathedral

St. Machar’s Cathedral
Photo from Wikipedia

St. Machar’s Cathedral is a house of worship for all Christians in Aberdeen and across the world. It is, in fact, one of the historic sites constructed in Old Aberdeen. 

Inside, you can check out the finer details of its vintage stone walls, mediaeval glass windows, and gothic arches, among other things. 

3. Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum houses a tremendous number of displays showcasing different maritime collections like ancient ships, antique imported goods, lighthouse lenses, and more. 

You can learn about the fishing and oil and gas industry here. 

Meanwhile, Aberdeen Harbour, which occupies a large space in the museum, unravels

the history of the oldest existing business in the UK. 

There are also several cafes and shops where you can relax and eat.

4. Gordon Highlanders Museum

Gordon Highlanders Museum
Photo from gordonhighlandersmuseum Instagram

In Gordon Highlanders Museum, you’ll learn the history of Gordon Highlanders from the beginning up to the present. The museum has a massive collection of artefacts from Aberdeen’s army’s 200-year history.

It houses about 40,000 artefacts, including militaria, medals, fine art, and other objects. The Silver Room, The Grant Room, and The Hamilton Room are among the notable spaces inside.

8. Lively Events & Festivals

Aside from tourism attractions, Aberdeen has a variety of fun leisure activities and festivals! 

1. Aberdeen Jazz Festival

Aberdeen Jazz Festival
Photo from jazz_scotland Instagram

Listen to jazz music and soothe your senses by attending Aberdeen Jazz Festival in Aberdeen.

This festival helps a number of amateur and professional artists showcase their talent to the world. Matthew Kilner, James Mackay, and Richard Glassby are among the musicians who have performed here.

2. Aberdeen International Comedy Festival 

Derived from the name itself, the Aberdeen International Comedy Festival is an annual event showcasing the talents of different comedians from all over the world.

Some legendary artists who had shows here include David O’Doherty, Milton Jones, Daliso Chaponda, and Daniel Sloss. 

3. Aberdeen Restaurant Week

Aberdeen Restaurant Week
Photo from Aberdeen Inspired 

Meanwhile, Aberdeen Restaurant Week is a festival in which you may get cuisine at a reduced price! This is a yearly event that is often held in January. 

You may grab a meal here for as low as £10, thanks to the participation of 51 establishments.

Amarone Aberdeen, 210 Bistro, Big Manny’s Pizza x The Adam Lounge, and Da Vinci Italian Restaurant were among the restaurants that participated in the 2023 event. 

9. Various Shopping Centres / Restaurants

Various Shopping Centres Restaurants
Photo from Pexels

Aberdeen is a great place to live for people who fancy shopping as there are many stores to shop in the city, particularly on Union Street. 

Other leisure centres include Bon Accord Aberdeen on George Street and The Academy on Belmont Street. 

There is also a diverse selection of restaurants around the city. Among these are the dog-friendly Cafe52 and the traditional Scottish resto, The Silver Darling. 

10. Robust Nightlife

Robust Nightlife
Photo from Pexels

Aberdeen’s nightlife is one of the must-try experiences to be had in the UK! With so many bars and pubs lining the streets, the city could provide you with a one-of-a-kind night you’ll never forget. 

There are several nighttime themes to choose from. Some of these include fashion and entertainment, which can be found in various clubs and bars across the town.

Club Tropicana, Drummonds, and The Tunnels are just a handful of the city’s greatest nightclubs. 

Where are the best areas to live in Aberdeen?

Rosemount, Old Aberdeen, and Ruthrieston are the top places to live in Aberdeen. It is also where many of the city’s expats live. 

Learn more about these areas as we go over them in depth below: 

1. Rosemount

Photo from Wikipedia

Rosemount is a well-known neighbourhood where families and working professionals prefer to live. 

There are several businesses, restaurants, and supermarkets in the area that can cater to your needs. Rosemount is even regarded as Aberdeen’s traditional retail district.

According to Zoopla, the average house price in 2023 is around £99,462 in this area. 

2. Ruthrieston

Photo from Rightmove

Meanwhile, residences in Ruthrieston range from one-bedroom detached to terraced. As of 2023, the average house selling price in this area is £155,000. 

This neighbourhood is located in the West End near the city centre. It has a variety of recreational facilities such as restaurants, shops, and even sports grounds like the Ruthrieston Outdoor Sports Centre.

Ruthrieston is worth considering as a spot to settle down in because of its proximity to other areas that may cater to your needs, whether you’re a working professional or a student.

3. Old Aberdeen 

Old Aberdeen
Photo from Aberdeenshire Scotland

Old Aberdeen is ideal for those who like a mixture of old and new. The area is near the University of Aberdeen and houses a number of tourist attractions, including Seaton Park and Cruickshank Botanic Garden. 

The properties in Old Aberdeen range from massive historic mansions to modern cottages. The average house price in the neighbourhood is £185,643, as of 2023.

Quick history: In the Late Middle Ages, Old Aberdeen served as a political and cultural centre. The Old Town House and King’s Colleges are two of the area’s oldest granite structures.  

FAQS about living in Aberdeen

If you’re looking for a great place to live, then Aberdeen is definitely worth considering. With its friendly people, excellent transport, and exceptional scenery, Aberdeen could be a wonderful place to call home.

We hope we have guided you well in taking a look at life in Aberdeen! While you’re here, you might also be interested to check out other things to do in the city.

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