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Enjoying St. Andrews Walkable Itineraries For Visitors

Enjoying St. Andrews: Walkable Itineraries For Visitors

Travelling doesn’t always require a car, particularly in St. Andrews. Ours is a small town located in Fife, with a rich history dating back to the Iron Age. 

Most of our visitors come to check out some of our local attractions, such as St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews Spy Mission Treasure Trail, and St. Andrews Museum. 

If you’re looking to maximise your short stay with us, this article is for you. We’ve put together some walkable itineraries that you can follow to enjoy St. Andrews like a local!

Do you need a car in St. Andrews?

Do you need a car in St. Andrews
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You don’t need a car to explore St. Andrews. Most local attractions are within half an hour’s walk of each other, so walking while viewing the town’s charm is more convenient. 

Walking Itineraries in St. Andrews

1. For the History Buffs: St. Andrews Cathedral + Northpoint Cafe + St. Andrews Castle 

ItineraryAddress / Walking DirectionsTravel Time
Starting Point:
St. Andrews Cathedral
The Pends, St Andrews KY16 9QL, UK
Northpoint CafeGo straight to Gregory Ln and turn left to Deans Court.
Traverse the North St. and you’ll see the Northpoint Cafe situated on left.
3 minutes
End Point:
St. Andrews Castle
Walk straight the N Castle St. and turn left to The Scores.
St. Andrews Castle is located on the right.
2 minutes 

This first itinerary is dedicated to the history buffs and royal enthusiasts! Make your way to St. Andrews Cathedral, which will serve as the starting point of your adventure for the day.

Known as the seat of the Archdiocese of St. Andrews, this cathedral is actually the largest one in Scotland. Here, you’ll also find the ruins of an old building from 1158. 

Since soaking in history tends to eat up a lot of brain calories, you may want to take a quick break after and pop over at Northpoint Cafe.

Not only is this spot popular for its mouthwatering bagels and coffee, it’s also been graced by famous and beloved British figures – no less than the William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales!

If you follow the Royal Family like most of us here, don’t miss out on taking photos in this iconic cafe.

After catching your breath, cap off your day in St. Andrews with an exploration of St. Andrews Cathedral.

Yet another one of our town’s globally-renowned attractions, the castle is likewise steeped in history. Did you know that it once notoriously served as a prison and was dubbed “bottle dungeon”? 

Insider Tip:

  • The tomb stones in St. Andrews Cathedral is the best spot for photos.

2. For the Wildlife & Golf Enthusiasts: The Seafood Ristorante + St. Andrews Aquarium + The R&A World Golf Museum

ItineraryAddress / How to Get ThereTravel Time
Starting Point:
The Seafood Ristorante
Bruce Embankment, St Andrews KY16 9AB, United Kingdom
St. Andrews AquariumFrom the restaurant, head southwest.

Go straight and you’ll see St. Andrews Aquarium on the left.
1 minute 
End Point:
The R&A World Golf Museum
From St. Andrews Aquarium, head south and turn right
Go straight until you reach the Golf Pl.

Traverse the Golf Pl and you’ll see The R&A World Museum situated on the right.
2 minutes

Our next itinerary would be ideal for golf and wildlife enthusiasts!

For this itinerary, we recommend stuffing your belly with some appetising food in The Seafood Ristorante before kicking off your adventure!

In fact, we’ve tried their specialities: crab risotto and pollock fish dishes. We can definitely say that these made our tummies sing for joy!

Even the views here are superb as you can overlook St. Andrews’ sea while indulging in your meal. If you’re really into seafood, we also recommend trying their North Sea turbot and Shetland monkfish.

After burping – ah, we mean eating – you can then stretch your legs a bit and walk for a minute. This brings you to St. Andrews Aquarium, which is popular for its penguins, marmosets and seals. 

Actually, there are 120 species here – so if you fancy animals and love ocean life, St. Andrews Aquarium is worth stopping by!

To wrap up your fun adventure, take a quick tour of our ever-famous The R&A World Golf Museum – if you’re interested in golf history, that is.

It’s just a couple of minutes’ walk from St. Andrews Aquarium, so we guarantee you won’t tire yourself out going there.

Insider Tips:

  • Bring a packed lunch because the in-house cafe only serves coffee and cakes in St. Andrews Aquarium.
  • The Tom Morris statues in The R&A World Golf Museum is one of the best photo spots in the museum!

3. For the Golf & Nature Lovers: The Castle Course + Rock & Spindle Restaurant + Rock and Spindle Rock

ItineraryAddress / How to Get ThereTravel Time
Starting Point:
The Castle Course
The Castle Course, St Andrews KY16 8PL, United KingdomN/A
Rock & Spindle RestaurantFrom The Castle Course, head northeast.

From the roundabout, the Rock & Spindle Restaurant is to your left.
1 minute
End Point:
Rock and Spindle Rock
From the Rock & Spindle restaurant, head southeast.

Turn slightly left and walk straight until you see the Rock and Spindle Rock located on the coastline.
1 minute

Here in St. Andrews, golf and fantastic nature come hand in hand – and these places are the star of our last itinerary!

As St. Andrews is the home of golf, our town has lots of golf courses to offer – just like our first stop, Castle Course.

We recommend this because the grassland here is spacious, the views are remarkable and the course itself is splendid.

After a few rounds of golf, stop over at the Rock & Spindle, which is a minute’s walk away. What we love about this restaurant is their handmade burgers, fish and chips and local ales, all of which are sourced from the freshest ingredients.

For the finale, make your way to Rock and Spindle Rock, a towering rock formation located on the coastline of Fife. What’s good is that you can take as many photos as you like and even bring your fur babies for a walk here!

Insider Tip:

  • March is the ideal month to visit The Castle Course as the holes are in its greatest condition.

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