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Steamy Sensations Glasgow’s Best Hot Pot

4 Steamy Sensations: Glasgow’s Best Hot Pot

Did you know that hot pot has been around since the Three Kingdoms period (220-280)? I guess you could say hot pot has been boiling longer than your grandma’s stew recipe!

If you haven’t tried hotpot, you better get out from under that rock! It’s a Chinese dish that involves cooking thin slices of meat, vegetables, and noodles in a bubbling cauldron of savory broth. 

When I had hot pot for the first time on a chilly winter night, it was love at first slurp! Just imagining that savory broth, the meat slices getting all cozy, and the veggies doing a little jig has me feeling all toasty inside (and totally drooling!)

Since then, I’ve been on a hot pot hunt all over Glasgow. So trust me when I say that once you dig into it, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without this hot pot deliciousness!

Jay’s BBQ Bar 苏格兰调情自助餐厅

Media Credit: perthshire_foodie


Contact Information: +44 7355 668888

Address: 55 Bath St

Operating Hours: Daily: 12AM-9PM

Cuisine: Chinese and Korean

Jay’s BBQ Bar 苏格兰调情自助餐厅 offers the best of both worlds – Chinese hot pot and Korean BBQ in one! Thus, it can get a little overwhelming to see their selection of meats, vegetables, sauces, broths, and more.

But fear not, if you can’t decide what kind of broth you prefer, they have an ingenious dual-pot set up that lets you cook two at the same time. 

On top of cooking your own food, what makes the experience even more unique is that you can build your own sauce, ensuring that the taste is fit to your liking.

Pro Tip:

Follow Jay’s BBQ Bar on Facebook to get the latest updates on their promos, schedule changes, and more. 

C’Mon Inn HotPot & Korean BBQ 

Media Credit: sektau86


Contact Information: +44 141 332 0300

Address: 67 Cambridge St

Operating Hours: Daily: 12PM-11PM

Next up on our list is C’Mon Inn HotPot & Korean BBQ, a delicious fusion of Chinese hot pot and Korean BBQ that’ll surely have your mouth watering at the thought! 

Though the real star of the show is their fantastic selection of meats, vegetables, and seafood just waiting to be sizzling on the grill or bubbling in their hearty hot pot broths. If you’re unsure what sauce to get, you can ask their staff to create a custom one for you.

Another reason many love C’Mon Inn HotPot & Korean BBQ is their quick service, you can feast to your heart’s content without ever hitting pause.

Pro Tip:

The serving portions at C’Mon Inn HotPot & Korean BBQ are quite large so we suggest taking it one plate at a time to avoid wastage.

Terra Cotta-Warriors

Media Credit: londonscot1973


Contact Information: +44 141 339 4942

Address: 200 Dumbarton Rd

Operating Hours: Daily: 12PM-11PM

Terra Cotta-Warriors is the place to be for endless servings of meats, vegetables, and seafood waiting to be cooked in a hearty broth. To top it off, diners can avail of free soft drink refills for an additional £2.5, which is definitely a steal!

For when you’re feeling extra hungry, opt for Terra Cotta-Warriors’s double hotpot and BBQ set-up priced at £24.9 for days when you could just eat a horse.

To make the hotpot experience all the more fun, diners can also experiment with different sweet, savory, and salty sauces to dip their ingredients in. 

Pro Tip:

Terra Cotta-Warriors operates on a cash-only basis, so be sure to have some pocket money to avoid any inconveniences.

Málà Project

Media Credit: mikejchau


Contact Information: +44 7858 568888

Address: 7 Church St

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 11AM-9:30PM
  • Saturday to Sunday: 12PM-9:30PM

Many of our Asian friends agree that Málà Project is one for the books, offering great-tasting hotpot two ways – diners can choose from an array of ingredients to cook or enjoy an all-you-can-eat hotpot.

To add customization to another level, aside from choosing your ingredients and making your own sauce, you can also select from 4 different soup bases.

For an authentic Chinese experience, you can also complement your hotpot with a selection of BBQ skewers side dishes to complete the hotpot experience.

Pro Tip:

Be careful of the spiciness level and consult your waiter for a more tailored blend that suits your preferences.

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